Tuesday, July 22, 2014

So About That Closet.....Ummmm Yeah...

I won't discuss the lack of progress on the closet for too long.  But I'm hoping to get the right side done this weekend.  Hoping being the key word here.  I'm about half way there now, so it's not that there is lack of progress.  It's that there is lack of initiative to get it done.

See my problem is that if it doesn't annoy the shit out of me, I tend to overlook it.  What I should have done is start with the two sides before doing the back portion where the shoe shelves are.  The clothes are hanging in the other closets- so they aren't annoying me.  The shoes, however, were all over my bedroom floor.  Had I left them there while working on the sides, I would have tripped over them repeatedly, therefore annoying the shit out of me, forcing me to get it done faster.  I have a weird thought process.  Only I can justify it.  So since my clothes are out of sight and not lying all over the floor, I don't feel the urgency to get 'er done.  Plus I had family in town last week so I'll blame them for my lack of progress.  They won't mind at all.

One thing that has happened in the meantime is that I had my backyard sodded.  I wish I had some current  "before" pictures of how terrible it was.  You can kind of see the lack of grass and massive amounts of weeds from last summer when my dad and I put in the paver patio.

It was comical if you were to watch me mowing it back there.  It was like a roller coaster for my lawn mower.  Fricken ridiculous.  Well here it looks now.

The picture above shows how the rest of the lawn looks- although this is the worst part.  It's where we drove the bobcat back and forth while we installed the patio so it is pretty bare.  I'll get some top soil and seed towards the end of the summer and try and work on that.  But for the time being I'm trying to keep the sod alive.  Mama doesn't have an endless bank account to be spending on replacing dead sod.  Plus with the hot temps that we've been having with lack of rain, I've been watering it almost 8-14 hours a day, section by section.  The forecast is calling for rain tomorrow and all weekend, so it would be awesome if Mother Nature helped me out a little bit here.

See that small concrete slab there at the corner of the patio?  That is a project that I haven't talked about yet but my dad did for me last year after we finished the never ending patio.  I forced my neighbors to dig out the tree that was back there- see below- since it was smack in the middle of the backyard.  I gave them an ultimatum- either take the tree or I was going to take a hack saw to it.  Needless to say, the tree looks awesome in their yard.

Out the tree came and we filled the hole back in, pouring the concrete slab over it.  Here was the start of framing the form for it.

I brought out some of the extra bricks from when they built the house that are stored in my garage and the square fire pit and stacked them up to see if they fit around it.  Last September. And it's since sat like that. For 10 months.  Until I had to move it for them to lay the top soil and sod.  Hence the Rubbermaid tub full of bricks on the patio.  At some point, I'll put it back together and get some mortar to stack the bricks and make it a "real" fire pit.  When the guys came to do the yard I had them put the concrete slab back, but bump it right up to the patio, rather than leave it about 4 feet away.

The plan is to EVENTUALLY build Adirondack chairs to go around the pit.  I have the plans already but first, I must finish a few projects- like the damn closet.  Ugh.  So those will probably happen next year.  Or I'll just go buy some cheap $15 plastic ones.  Hah.

I am so excited for this backyard though!  It looks 1 million times better than how it looked two weeks ago.  I can't wait to play croquet on it!  Yes, I went and bought my new yard a present.

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