Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What Am I Doing In My Kitchen???

Well for the time being, nothing.  But..... and this is a HUGE BUT- almost like a Kardashian sized one..... I fell in love with a new project.  I haven't fully committed yet.  BUT (there it is again).... odds are I'm starting on it in the fall or when I finally finish my master closet in 2063.

Speaking of the closet- I do have some teaser photos.  It's by no means even close to being done.  This is just the semi-finished right side.  Here we stand now.

I ran out of wood and haven't been back to get some more.  Don't you hate when that happens?  ;) But 2 of the 3 shelves are in and 1 of the 2 hanging bars is in.  Actually I already have my clothes hanging on it but that photo will have to wait.

So back to the new favorite project that I haven't started yet.  Let's talk kitchen cabinets.  When I bought the house, they were fugly orangey oak.  I apologize- I'm totally exposing my boob light to you.  NSFW photo here.  My bad.

It took me a bit but they were painted cuz mama wasn't living with that horrible mess....

While I LOVED getting rid of the orangey oak.  I wasn't all that happy with the "off" white of the cabinets.  See I had read that I should paint them the color of my trim- so that's what I did.  Which would have been fine if the appliances weren't snow white.  And while the intention is to get stainless appliances AT SOME POINT- that point is going to be many many years down the line when one of the appliances breaks.  So the foreseeable future will consist of these very white ones.  Against  antique white cabinets- which drives me nuts on a daily basis.  Now don't get me wrong- I love white cabinets.  I'm not a fan of wood stained cabinets at all.  So I'm definitely happy that I painted them a couple years ago.  But I'm thinking it's time for a change.  Plus they are kind of chipping so they need to be fixed.

For awhile now, I've been thinking and researching and watching tv shows to see their cabinet color choices.  One of my favorite designers, Sarah Richardson, does many a kitchens with colored kitchen cabinets and I seem to love every one of them.  But it wasn't until I saw this photo in a magazine that I got an idea.  I posted it on my FB page a while back and it still has me at Hello.

I mean, come on.... isn't it gorgeous?  Aside from the type of cabinets which I don't have and the glass uppers which I don't have and the stainless appliances that I don't have, I could totally picture my kitchen with something like this.  So I've thought and thought and THOUGHT some more about it.  

My only reservation is that this teal is a bit dark for the other aqua/teal accents all over the lower level.  I also thought this dark of teal would clash with the pedestal table.  

It finally dawned on my- slapping forehead- why not paint the cabinets the color of the table?  Even if it's just the bottoms and the island.  I know I love the color since it's not only on the table, it's also in the powder room and the laundry room/garage door as well.  The only drawback is that it is BRRRRIGHT.  It is not a muted aqua at all.  So I don't know if it's going to be BAM! IN YO FACE.  Rather than a subtle OHH HOW PRETTY that I'd want.  

I could also go up one color on the swatch since I would know that they already go together.  But I'm not sold on it yet.  

It's been about 5 months that I've been pondering this.  And then I was watching the beautiful Cousins Undercover boys.  Oh me oh my.  Is anyone else obsessing about having Anthony's babies?  I mean come on ladies,  I'm not even going to lie.  There are probably some times after watching them that I have to go upstairs and take a cold shower.  Hubba hubba.  But I digress.  I was watching about a month ago and low and behold- this happened.  

Yup.  There's my aqua kitchen in all it's glory.  It's more the color of my table, not muted and basically the same bottom cabinetry that I have.  So it is a really good representation of what my kitchen would look like.  And I think I want Anthony's babies even more after watching this episode.  Any man that paints a kitchen aqua deserves some a little Kristi.  And by a little, I mean a LOTTA.  So I'm kind of convinced.  Picture the above photo with dark espresso floors.  Delicious.  

Last week I was catching up on Rizzoli and Isles when I saw this-

Basically, I've confirmed my decision since I seem to be really drawn to this right now.  The above kitchen is much more muted than the straight up aqua one.  But it's still in the same family and I love it.  So add repaint kitchen cabinets to the To Do List.  Oh my.  The good news is that this is something that I can do inside in the winter time.  Good thing I've times it with my busy season.  Urgh.  But October and December are kind of open on the weekends so far so we'll see.  My thoughts are to start with the bottoms and island and see if it's too much.  If it's not, then we are going full on with the entire thing.  Fingers crossed for the entire thing since the Cousins kitchen is gorgeous.  

So anyone else thinking of updating or painting their cabinets?  Are you thinking of keeping it safe with white, black or gray?  Or are you going with something bold?  One of Sarah Richardson's colors was bright kelly green and it was gorgeous.  Since that is my favorite color- you'd think I'd have more green in my house.  If I did, I would totally go that route.  There's another blog I follow as well- Addicted to Decorating- and she spells her name just like me- random.  She's in the process of redoing her kitchen and went kelly green as well with gold leaf trim on them.  I'm not a fan of that part but the cabinets came out really well.  

My girl Beth keeps telling me about a kitchen she saw in a magazine with hot pink cabinets and she thinks I could totally pull that off.  But I'm not convinces unless I redo the entire downstairs color scheme.  So I think I will be sticking with aqua.  

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