Monday, September 1, 2014

Closet Update- Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I really feel like this has been the project that never ends.  It doesn't help that I keep changing my mind on what needs to go where.  It'll definitely be interesting once it is finally finished to go back to the original drawings and see what it was going to be compared to how it actually turned out.  So let's talk progress.

Last time I updated the back portion was finished and there was a little progress on the right side.

Let's talk about the top photo.  As you can see the bottom of the tall shelf area wasn't painted- that is where the pull out laundry will be.  

I haven't finished the front of it yet- it'll be a sort of cabinet door thing that when you pull it out, the drawer with the basket will slide out.  Kind of like some kitchens how the trash is inside a cabinet and the drawer pulls it out.  

Today I finally was able to work a little more on this side and got this far.  

As you can see, I added a long, skinny mirror to the back portion.  Gotta love college back-to-school sales to get a cheap $5 mirror.  I'm thinking I'll eventually add chunkier molding around it to make it less $5 looking.  But for now it works.  Now on to the right.  

There are two new bars for hanging clothes- don't mind my color coordinated psychoticness.  I take my meds for that.  Then to the right of those bars are the shelves that are almost (again with that word) done.  I had to add some fabric to the shelves as the plywood was a bit rough and was starting to pick at the clothes that I was putting on them.  You can see the fabric on the bottom of the laundry drawer.  You may recognize it from the headboard I made for the front spare bedroom.  I had some leftover and thought that would work perfectly. The shelf above now has my cardigans on it.  I'm thinking I need to add another shelf in between that and the one above it with my clutches on it.  And yes- let's talk about the clutches.  

I found this organizer for pan lids at TJ Maxx for like $7.  The minute I saw it I immediately thought of my clutches.  And it totally works.  Now they aren't just piled on top of a shelf with all of my other purses.  Sort of impressed with myself for this one.  

I was also able to get the bar up on the left side today as well.  

The bottom of this side was supposed to have drawers, if you remember that.  Which would be why the bottom portion wasn't painted.  Well it's dawned on me today after putting my work/dress pants on the bar- that I have nowhere for my jeans, sports shirts or dress shirts.  Whomp whomp.  So I'm thinking the dresser/drawers are going to be nixed and another bar is going to be added for the last of the clothing hanging in random closets throughout my house right now.  That shouldn't take long at all.  I'll just go pick one up tomorrow after work and get it installed and paint the walls.  

So aside from getting the additional bar and finishing painting, what I have left to do in this room before I can call her done:
  • Drawer front for laundry
  • Add additional shelf between cardigans and clutches
  • Finish shelf above clutches
  • Trim pieces for all exterior areas of plywood
  • Baseboards added back in.  
  • Shelf above top bar on right side
  • Shelf above top bar on left
  • Transition piece between rug from bedroom and floors of the closet.  
Well what do you think so far?  I'm definitely annoyed with how long this has taken but it's more from my sheer laziness than anything else.  The good news is that once I get the rest of the bullet points done I can get all of the tools out of my bedroom.  My leaning bookcase has turning into a tool box, my floor is covered with power tools, paint cans are everywhere. It's ridiculous.  I trip over at least 1 thing in there a day.  So I'll be so happy to get my master bedroom back to normal.  

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