Thursday, October 16, 2014

Closet's ALMOST Done!!!!

Last we left off, the closet looked like this:

You can read all about those details here

Still left on the list was-
  • Drawer front for laundry
  • Add additional shelf between cardigans and clutches
  • Finish shelf above clutches
  • Trim pieces for all exterior areas of plywood
  • Baseboards added back in.  
  • Shelf above top bar on right side
  • Shelf above top bar on left
  • Transition piece between rug from bedroom and floors of the closet. 
Well I can finally say that I finished the shelf above the clutches, trim pieces for MOST of the exterior area of plywood, baseboards were added back in and both shelves above the top bars on the left and right side are DONEZO!  Booyah!  

So aside from the drawer front for the laundry area, an additional shelf above the cardigans and transition piece between the rug and floor of the closet, I just have some minimal touch up and caulking to do.  

First lets look at the trim I put onto the exposed plywood areas.  It's an 8 foot 3/4 in wide flat trim.  

It's simple enough but gets rid of the ugly plywood edge.  Although if I'd have been smart, I would have painted it PRIOR to installing it.  Rookie mistake.  

Then came adding the baseboards back on.  The math nerd in me loved this step.  Angles, angles and angles!  I think I did a pretty good job, for my first time.  I always hear crown molding and base boards are the most frustrating part to put the finishing touches on a room because the the various angles.  But it didn't take me long at all.  Probably cuz I'm a genius.  

It makes the floor look so damn good!  Like it was done by a professional.  OK semi-professional.  But really a wannabe professional.  Again, probably should've painted the baseboards PRIOR to installing, but you know.  Oopsie.  

Also, you can see that I ended up adding the bottom bar for hanging clothes to the right side, instead of the drawers.  Now my jeans, dress shirts and sports shirts have a spot in the glam closet.  

I was able to install the two top shelves the other night for my sweatshirts and sweaters.  There is on on the right (above) and one on the left side (below).  Although I now need to build a step stool to reach them.  Oy.  Never ending.  

Oh and I found some cute artwork from TJ the other day for $7.99 each that looked like it would be perfect in here.  

One last thing I have is to (re)paint the scarf/belt hanger that was in the closet before.  It's currently green and so doesn't go.  But once that happens, I can put it back on the wall next to the mirror.  

I'm hoping this never ending project is done this weekend.  I need to move on.  Clean my room.  Put my tools away.  Although I'm kind of getting used to having a hammer on my nightstand. I draw the line at the air compressor and miter saw on the floor though.  So not sexy in the bedroom.  

Funny thing is that someone asked me the other day, having seen the closet progress photos, if I'd help them design theirs.  To which I immediately replied- Oh fuck no.  

Never again.  But she sure is pretty, isn't she?   

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