Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015, bitches!

Looking back on my goals for 2014 was quite depressing to say the least.  I didn't get as much accomplished as I would have hoped.  But life apparently got in the way.  Or that's the excuse I'm telling myself.

Below are the goals.  All 14 of them.  I can't believe I actually finished some of them and didn't finish the others.  But that just leaves something for this year!  Plus a little more.

  • NO- The stairs.  I don't care who the hell tells me that I can't redo my stairs- I'm fricken doing them.  I hate the carpet and I'm obsessed with my idea.  And that obsession won't go away until I rip the carpet off and tackle 'em.  It could very well end up that I need to rig up a pulley system to get my fat ass upstairs since I won't have any stairs.  But I need to at least ATTEMPT to do my vision.  
  • NO- Build a dining room table.  Yes, I know that I already have a dining room table.  But I don't like it.  So I will build one that I do like.  
  • NO- Build outdoor furniture for the patio.  Can't wait to spend a lot of time outdoors this summer and what better than furniture that I've built to sit on?  Plus I've already purchased the cushions so I guess I need to have something to put them on.  Am I the only one who does that kind of thing?
  • NO- Paint the garage.  Enough said.  I'm over looking at drywall and mud and tape.  
  • NO- Add more shelving to the garage.  This dumping area garage needs to be organized.  
  • YES!!  OK about 99.5% done.  Rip out the wire shelves in master bedroom closet, install new wood shelves and add a dresser/storage piece.  I'm trying to be all fancy and shit.  In my closet.  I want glam and pretty and upscale.  With a Goodwill budget.  Let's see what I can do.  
  • YES YES YES!!  Rip out the wire shelves in pantry and install cabinets and wood shelves.  I need storage.  And for my cans to not fall off the shelves because they don't sit right on the wire shelves.  I'm not looking to make the Great Alfredo Jar Break of 2013 an annual event.  That shit was everywhere.  So not cool.  
  • NO- Install an RF extender in the living room to hide the cable box and dvd player.  OMG did that just sounds a little too techy for this blonde?  
  • NO- Install a gasless/ventless fireplace in master bedroom.  This will happen.  We're about to get romantical in the bedroom.  Bow chica bow wow.  Next up, satin sheets.  
  • NO- New tile in master bathroom shower and tub.  I hate the builder grade tile that is in there now.  Plus it's cracking.  And more than likely getting mold behind it.  And it's 5 feet from my bed.   Ew.  Gag.  
  • NO- Floor tile in both master bathroom and hall bathroom.  I want sexy dark espresso wood looking tile.  Roarrrrrrrrrr......
  • NO- Build fire pit in the back yard. Ummmmm may have already started on this.  Surprise!   
  • YES!! Get a load or ten of top soil for back yard, re-grade it and seed the soil.  Want.  A.  Back.  Yard.  With.  No.  Weeds.  I want to be able to play games and look at a nice pretty lawn.  
  • NOT YET- Fix the rest of the grass and re-seed.  It's a hot mess.  Between the bobcat tracks and the dead grass and the enormous mound of leftover dirt.... I'm that neighbor right now.  I need to fix it.  It's embarrassing.  Big time.  

  • So for this year- here are my hopes and dreams. 
    • Enclose the screened in porch.  I will be putting in windows and a new door.  Definitely need to make this room weather proof.  I'm over cleaning it and vacuuming up spiders and bugs.  I'm over dirty furniture and not using the room.  Plus by enclosing it, I can also use this room as storage for the outdoor furniture in the winter, rather than cluttering up the already messy garage.  This project is TOP PRIORITY for this year.  
    • Re-paint the kitchen cabinets.  As of right now the plan is to still go with aqua.  We'll see.  
    • Re-paint and do a wall treatment for the back spare room.  Building the bed was just the first step in working on this room.  I was convinced to NOT paint the furniture but the wall color needs to go and I want to do a wall feature.  
    • Finish the closet.  Oy.  Don't get me started.  
    • Remove the glass shower door in the master bathroom to go along with the new floor, tile and faucets that should have been done this year.  :)
    • Build the outdoor furniture.  I have the plans.  I just need to start working on them.  There are going to be a couple different areas of new seating and I can't wait for them to get built.  
    • Fireplace in the master bedroom.  Maybe.  Not so sure of this one anymore.  But it would be awesome.  
    • Work on the garage.  It's so bad.  I can't close my garage door quick enough when I get home.  
    I really hope that this coming year allows me to do more.  I will say that 2014 kicked my ass in more ways than I can count and I'm certainly glad that it's over.  There were times that I really didn't know if I'd make it through- especially the last few months.  But it's a new year and a new me and I can't wait to see what happens!!  

    So to all of you out there still reading this little blog of mine- I wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous year filled with love and friendship.  Now go out there and make shit count!  Muah!