All About Me

Hi there! I'm Me- originally from Mass- but currently residing in Indiana. I'm a comedian, a super hero and a complete douche bag. I love to make people laugh with my life stories. So come on- go on an adventure with me...

Growing up I was that obnoxious girl, the class clown, the one everyone hated but loved to be around.  Who knows- maybe I still am that girl (one could only hope!!).  I don't take myself seriously AT ALL.  At times, I am too independent (hence the singleness I am currently experiencing) but I would rather be able to hang my own light fixture than have to wait for my make believe man child to get off the couch to do it for me- only after I've whined about it for months.

I work in sports and entertainment.  I like to have fun, drink, socialize with my many fabulous friends, darling.  I love to dance, run, read, and make fun of people.  No really- I do.  It's a great time.  I'm huge on swearing-usually at the most inappropriate times and places.  It keeps people on their toes.  My mom thinks I'm crass- I think its my most endearing quality. 

I recently have found a new hobby in refurnishing old antique furniture. Check out my posts to get a look into my crazy life!  Who knows- I might just talk about YOU in them!!