Saturday, January 16, 2016

Third Time's The Charm

Since I've recently been called out for slacking on the blog (thanks, Assholes), I decided to throw something together for you all!  I totally know that I've been MIA but it's been quite the year for me and I really haven't had time, motivation, creativity, funds, etc. to work on this house.  I actually intended on doing a really big summer project that I was saving up for, but that didn't come to fruition.  Then work got busy, shit happened, life sucks and here we are.

I do have a couple of easy, small things that I have accomplished in the meantime that I just need the time to put together a post for.  Then there are a few things that are sitting here waiting for me to put my touch on them.  If only there was enough time in the day.  If only I wasn't constantly exhausted.  If only I won the Powerball.  I mean, seriously.  Can a girl catch a $1.4 billion break for once?

So here I am typing up something quick for you bitches, I plan on re-doing one of my spare rooms.  Again.  For the third time.  This is the room I actually used as my own bedroom for about a year when I first built the house.  I quickly painted the walls so they weren't institution white and put the furniture from my Florida apartment in there and called it a day.  Major boring and blah.

The sleigh-type bed really made this small room feel even smaller and I honestly got it at a scratch and dent section for probably less than $100 so I was totally fine with getting rid of it.  I sold it on that list by Craig for more than I originally paid for it and decided to build my own bed.  So the neutral bedding went away and a spare headboard that I had laying around got a makeover courtesy of a fabric shower curtain and the room currently looks like this.  

I love the fabric of the pillow and headboard but never was really in love with everything else.  The duvet is too big and hangs over the down comforter by about 12 inches- it's actually tucked under the mattress on the window side.  But I got it on clearance for under $10 so it is what it is.  The white sheer curtains were a cheap fix to brighten up the room but they are from Ikea so they are 789 inches too long as all Ikea curtains are. Since I'm the laziest person ever, they've stayed pooled on the floor, un-hemmed, since they went up.  Last year.  The nightstands are still scratched up on top.  The room is just a hot mess.  It was a band-aid to cover up the ugly original band-aid and it's no longer working for me and it definitely doesn't fit with the rest of the upstairs decor.  

So while I've been sitting around doing nothing in all of my spare time, I came up with my new room design idea.  One thing is for certain- green is my favorite color and I have no green in my house at all.  So the room will have green in it.  Kelly green.  Grass green.  Bright as fuck green.  And I'm going to love it.  The room will also have dark charcoal gray in it.  It will have a very cool wall treatment that I've been dying to do.  I'm starting to see it everywhere but I so don't give a shit.  I'm still doing it.  Then for other colors (or lack there of)- there will be white and black in there.  Maybe another accent- that I'm not going to tell for the moment.  The white duvet will stay, get fitted to the size of the bed and comforter and then get a little detailing on it.  The sheer curtains are probably going to go- but I haven't decided yet. One thing for sure is they are way too sheer.  Good luck sleeping in when you are in this room.  Doesn't happen.  Odds are they are out.  Maybe something with a print will replace.  

But since I haven't actually done anything in the room yet- here is my inspiration.  The photos below don't necessarily mean that the furniture will be green, the bed will be gray, there will be trellis wallpaper, etc.  It just means that this is the look I am going for and we'll see what happens.  But I am actually very excited to start looking for the headboard and bed fabric.  Once I have that, I can decide on the paint for the room, furniture color, and do all the other fun stuff.  Like shopping for accessories.  

So what do you think?  Am I crazy?  Do you also love it?  

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