Thursday, September 15, 2016

Talk About a Master Upgrade

Guys. I did it again.  But this time, I SWEAR to you, it's justified.

I repainted my master bedroom.

I know this seems to be the theme lately- repainting rooms that are already painted.  But this room specifically was painted the first time to just have some sort of color on the walls.  Remember, I didn't even sleep in this room the entire first year I owned the house.  Then I bought a mattress and eventually moved my stuff into the room.  So I quickly grabbed a gallon of paint, choosing the same color that I used downstairs in the dining room and up the stairs. It was also the color that I just painted over in the back spare room.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I love that color.  It reminds me of Bailey's Irish Cream.  And you KNOW how much I luuuuuurv me some Bailey's.  Yum.  But in my bedroom it just was far too boring.  Especially since I have been adding tons of color to the upstairs.  So once I painted the back spare room that dark charcoal, I instantly knew that was the color that I was going to go with for my bedroom as well.  I love moody colors for bedrooms and this is the perfect stormy, cloudy day color.  I'm just pissed that it took me this damn long to do it.  Ugh.  Cuz it's beautiful!

Hot Toddy has finally started to realize that there is a constant stream of projects going on in my house.  I mean, there is a friggin dresser in the middle of my kitchen right now.  And it may have been in there for a couple of weeks.  Oops.  He just goes with the flow though.  Actually, he's usually asking what we are doing next.  So I'm pretty sure he enjoys the chaos.  In fact, he's already scheduled my time in the garage this weekend.  I'm hoping to get a couple of things done in there so it's great that he wants to do them as well.

Okay, back to the bedroom.  Here she was all blah and boring before.

And soon it looked like this.  

As I always do (and recommend), I painted the seams between the ceiling and the walls the same color as the ceiling.  Then I went and did the same around the baseboards and window sills.  That way no old paint would show once the gray was on.  Plus it would be a crisp, new line.  

Then came time for the prettiness.  Oh boy, let me tell you- it SURE IS PRETTY.  

And of course any change in wall color means that some other things in the room probably have to be replaced since they coordinated with that paint.  Like the brown curtains I had.  Gone.  I got new gray ones from the last trip to Ikea so this weekend I'll be spending some time hemming them cuz you know Ikea curtains are 1,946 inches long.  

The other change is that between the closet and bathroom doors shown above, I had a brown leaning bookcase.  Once it was out of the room and I saw how open that little walkway between the wall and the bed was, I knew it wasn't going to go back into the room.  But I had to find something to go there.  
Well Miss Wendy and I were out shopping the other day and I mentioned how I was going to be looking for a piece of art to go there.  But that it had to be pretty big in size.  No sooner do I get done telling Wendy this, does she turn around and say, "What about this one?"  

Well, "this one" was gorgeous.  But from where I was standing and looking at it, I knew it was waaaay over my price range.  I mean, we were in Kirklands, where you can typically find a really good deal.  But I didn't think for a second that it would go home with me.  Until Wendy told me the price.  

It's 39" by 39"- which is pretty big and I knew it would fit perfectly on that wall.  So I walked over to Wendy to see how much it was for myself.  Because the price that she said I didn't believe for a second.  Until I saw it.  

See that orange sticker?  Yeah,.  $19.99.  Score.  But there was a catch.  Out of the 4 same canvases that were there, only this one said $19.99.  The others said $69.99.  Clearly, there must have been something wrong with it.  Right? 

Wrong.  We scoured it.  All of it.  Inch by inch.  Nothing wrong.  

Apparently someone just mis-marked it.  Who knew what they were going to say once I got it to the register though.  Right off the bat, the miserable sales lady said it didn't have the correct price.  So she asked the girl next to her what to do.  That girl said to scan it and see what it said.  Well it rang up $39.  Still, far cheaper than the $99.99 or the $69 that the others were marked.  But definitely not $19.99.  So the miserable sales lady mumbles under her breath that she might be able to give me 20% off or something.  But luckily, another girl walked behind her as she said that and corrected her.  She adamantly told her that she must give me the price listed, even if it was incorrect.  Take that, twit!  

Well $21 with taxes later, that puppy was in my car!  I mean, seriously.  Come on.  I can't even get a blank canvas that size for $21.  It was a steal! 

And here she is on the wall.  Perfect fit! 


It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint and some colorful artwork will do to change the feeling of a room.  Finally, I feel like the room that I spend the most time in, that should be a reflection of me, now does that.  Or at least, is really on the way of doing that.  The Bailey's needed to be retired.  We'll stick with it on the rocks. Not on the walls.  Cheers!

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