Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's ON, Facebook!! Like Donkey Kong.

Well Girl with the Pink Toolbelt is OFFICIALLY on Facebook!!!  I attempted to send you all a "Page Suggestion" but it looks like it didn't work and now I can't send it again as it shows that its already been sent.  Damn technology!!

But anyways- fear not!  There is now a link on this page on the right side where you can "Like" my on FB (hopefully I did it correctly- you know me).  Or you can go to my personal wall and see where I "liked" her.  At some point I will STOP posting stories on my personal page.  So if you want to keep receiving notices of new stories, then you should LIKE ME!!!

And please feel free to suggest me to YOUR friends once you like me.  The more the merrier!! And you know there's enough of me to go around.  No need to be selfish.  

Hope you all had a great week and I've got some fun posts coming this weekend!

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