Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Obsess Much?

So I've been OBSESSING a lil bit on Pinterest.  What?  You don't know what that is?  Seriously?  Google that shit.  Basically its a forum, in a nutshell, where you can upload photos or tag- "pin" someone else's photos onto your own inspiration boards.  They have different categories of so many things.  It's really cool and I've heard that people plan their entire weddings off of Pinterest photos.  Talk about cool.

Anyways- I found this really cool picture the other day and I can't get it out of my MIND!  Like seriously- its stuck there.  With the four day weekend coming up, I figured that I would start to tackle the final piece of furniture in the house that needs to be finished.  The dreaded dining room table.  Dunt dunt duhhhhhh!  If you don't remember- here are some photos from the very beginning.

That was straight from the previous owners house to mine.  And if you forgot- I am pretty sure that I paid $70 for ALL of it- 6 chairs and table.  SCORE!  I never intended to use the table as I was planning on building my own.  Handy bitch, that's me.  The one I really like is from Restoration Hardware (champagne taste on a Kool-Aid budget, baby!) and it's a simple farmhouse table.  Well with all of the DIY blogs that I follow, some GENIUS found and posted the building measurements for that exact table!  And she built it with pine wood and it cost her less than $100.  So even if I went with a higher quality wood, it still would be cheaper than the $2500 (table ONLY) that RH was asking for it.  So- yeah.  I'll make the attempt at building first.  With this table that I basically scored for free (since the chairs are what I purchased for $70 in my mind) I figured that it wouldn't hurt to try to make this work first- since the legs on the table match the chair legs.  Then I figured that if I couldn't get the table to work the way I wanted it to, I could keep the legs and put those onto the new table that I will build.  Because turned table legs range from $80-$150 each EACH for the ones that I was looking for.  So again- use what I have first before going out and spending moolah.  What's the worst that could happen?  I ruin it?  Oh well.  No big deal.  But if I don't make the attempt, I'll be mad at myself.  I mean, I DO have a pink toolbelt for crying out loud.  Seriously. 

Well I've finished the chairs a while ago.  I painted and re-fabriced them and they've been sitting there all pretty and patiently waiting for their darker counterpart to be finished as well.  See below.

Big difference right?  Well the table is awful looking on the top.  The guy I bought it from said that it was a table that his parents gave him for when he was in college.  So you can only IMAGINE what went on with this table.  There are more cup rings stained onto the top of it than I have glasses in my house.  And believe me, I have a LOT of glasses.  It's going to take a LOT of sanding.  And what you can't really see from these pictures is that its not one straight piece of wood on the top.  There is a ring of wood going around the outside of the table and then the inside looks like there are four different pieces with the wood grain going in different directions all meeting in the center of the table.  Therefore for all you non-DIYers, this means that I can't just straight up sand it.  I'm going to have to follow each piece going with the wood grain.  On TOP of all this- the very outside lip of the table has three different edges or grooves.  So my orbital sander won't work on that part.  I'll need some smaller sander or make use of my fingertips and sand paper and manually do it.  Same with the legs of the table.  Ridiculously ornate- which I love.  But will be a major bitch when trying to sand off the original poly and get into the grooves. 

The table is going to be the same color as the rest of the furniture in the house.  It's dark walnut stain and will be a nice contrast to the antique white chairs and Bombe dresser that are right next to it.  The dark walnut stain is what I used on the stair railings.

So back to the Pinterest pic that I saw.  Its originally from a blog- Christina's Adventure

Anyway- hope you all have a great holiday weekend!  I plan to get at least SOME sun and maybe frequent my pool for the very first time!!  Woo hoo!!

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  1. Love, love, love the dining room chairs!! Great colour too!

  2. I <3 Pinterest! Soooooo addicting!

  3. Me too!! I've only been on it for a couple of weeks but I've "pinned" like 100 things so far. And apparently I'm following you! I see some of your pins pop up!


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