Saturday, July 16, 2011

Organizing My Messy Life Away!

Hi Ya'll!!! (I've turned country today, apparently)

Hope you are all having a fabulous start to your weekend!!  I had a great day today!  Fingers crossed that tomorrow is the same.  MAYBE I'll make it outside to get some sun.  Who knows.  It'll probably rain now that I've said that.  Damn Mother Nature.  She's such a bitch sometimes. 

Well I'm not sure if I've mentioned my master bath before.  But it's been ANNOYING THE SHIT out of me lately.  It's a very awkward space- in that there are too many things crammed into it with VERY little space for extra storage or shelving.  I've already painted it the color of the bedroom just because only craaaaaaaa-zay people can handle stark white rooms.  I swear- I'm allergic to them.  Eventually I'm going to work on the bathroom, adding tile and other fun expensive things in there.  So for the time being its just blah and boring (but painted). 

I originally had a tall cabinet that I used right outside of the room for everyday things (such as my makeup, hair dryer, deodorant, etc).  Where I could just wrap my arm around the door frame and get what I needed.  It was more out of convenience than anything else.  But since I've gotten my Big Girl Furniture, there wasn't room in my master for the convenient "right out the door" accessory that it was originally functioning as.  So that piece went out into the upstairs living room next to my desk, where I can now use it for storing paperwork and computer stuff.  (Techie, I'm not.).  Basically, I'm just hiding my junk in it for now.  Organizing that will come at a later date. 

Well with that being said, everything that was originally IN the cabinet has no place IN my bathroom.  Seriously.  How does one chick accumulate so much bathroom crap?  Honestly, there's no way that I use all of the crap in the two cabinets under the sinks ON TOP OF everything in that outside cabinet.  But after trying to purge some of the crap- I realized that I actually do use it. It's mostly things that I've bought multiples of.  I have all of my TP in there, cleaning supplies, multiples of shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste.  You get what I'm saying.  Well for the last couple of months- my bathroom has looked like this:

And that's not even giving you a shot of the tub (and everything that is in and on it) or the floor.  While I might tell you that it was messy- I'm certainly not going to go all out with my nastiness all over the place.  Just believe me.  It.  Was.  Bad.  Clearly you can see how unorganized it is to begin with.  But having spent a ridiculous amount of time painting the cabinets, it killed me every morning when taking out the baskets to put them onto the sink- scraping against the side of the cabinet with that wicker.  I cringed every time hoping that I didn't scratch it all up.  Not only that, but it was very difficult to find things in there so I'd go to the store and not remember if I was running out of something and just buy it.  So you'll see in a minute- I literally have like 8 things of deodorant.  I guess I'm all set for a few years. 

Well I had previously been to Bed Bath and Beyond looking for some sort of organization for the bathroom.  Of course I couldn't find what I was looking for.  Then I remembered all of the kitchen cabinet metal racks that pull out- so I went off to Menard's in search.  Well I found some and they were on CLEARANCE!  Sweet.  But the opening to my cabinets are 10 1/2 inches and the smallest width of the metal ones I found were at least 13 1/2 inches wide.  Of course they were.  So I've had to live even longer with the hot mess that I won't acknowledge as my master bath. 

The other day I received a flyer from Bed Bath and Beyond- and guess what? They totally had EXACTLY what I was looking for.  And for the cheap price of $35 each.  Ew.  Well that sucks major balls.  But what am I going to do?  So off to BB and B I went this morning.  Well early afternoon.  You know my ass wasn't up earlier than 10am on a Saturday.  And then SoapNet has a few episodes of One Tree Hill on so you know I had to watch those.  I'm ridiculous. 

Anyway- I get there and found a different one (for $19.99) that was 7 1/2 inches wide which was awesome because one side of the cabinet has the plumbing turned out and it takes up a few of the inches within the opening of the cabinet.  The others that I originally went to get are actually 2 separate pieces (one for $14.99 and one for $19.99).  But with the 85 coupons that I had managed to save I got $5 off of 4 pieces and an additional 20% off the last one so I at least saved $24.  This is what I bought.  So exciting!!

But while I was out getting these, I got a text from Miss Kim!   Uttt oh.  What shenanigans were we going to get in to today?  We decided on getting a pedicure and then shopped around for a little bit and then headed out for Mexican.  YUM!  I almost was daring and got a midnight blue on my toes.  But clearly I'm not that wild so I went with a mauvish color.  But when we were out shopping we headed into Ulta where they had some nail polish on sale so I picked up 3 new ones (one of them being midnight blue!).  Sometimes I just need to marinate in how wild I'd like to be.  Then after a few minutes I can actually do it.  But here's a question.  Who the hell are the people buying yellow nail polish?  Seriously?  Ugly.  But for some reason, every brand had a bright yellow.  Ew. 

Oh and we headed into Pier 1 and found something that I've previously posted about.  I ALMOST bought it while out antiquing.  But wasn't about to be spending $50 on it.  It's more of a conversation piece than actual decoration.  So I couldn't fathom spending that kind of money on it.  BUT- it's now in Pier 1.  Huh.  A knockoff antique?  Or a lying antiquer?  I'm going back tomorrow to return some ugly ass glasses that I was given and to purchase this.  Because I had said when out antiquing that day that if it was $20 I would buy it.  But not for $50.  Well, Pier 1 sells it for $19.95.  SCORE!  Can't wait!

Well after dinner I came back ready to get that nasty bathroom cleaned up for good.  After taking out the ridiculous amount of stuff in the cabinets- this is what we had. 

Oooooh.  There is the mess.  See- you know I wouldn't hold out on you.  Although this is after I purged a bit and cleaned up the mess some.  I got the shelving into the cabinets and started to organize this disaster zone. 

I figured that if I needed another set for the other side of the cabinet, I could always go back.  But after having already spent $70 (ouch) and hoping that I could fit everything into the 3 that I already bought, I figured I would wait and see. 

I tried organizing into categories to make things a lot easier on me.  So most of the stuff is where I know it will be (just from being used to grabbing it in a certain spot).  Creature of habit apparently.  Or just lazy.  One of the two. 

See- 7 things of deodorant plus the one that I already use.  I was able to sort through so much and organize in a way- that I had one side of the cabinet still empty so I was able to put my towels back in instead of having them lying on my closet floor.  Again.  Ghetto.  I know. 

Awww yea.  LOVES it!!  It really is the small things.  List making and organization.  Two of my favorite things.  Well cleaning too.  Not sure why I let this stay this bad for so long.  But FINALLY I have my bathroom back!  Woo hoo!!

So we went from this:

To this:

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