Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Here We Go. Here We Go. Here We Go Again.

So I shamelessly invited Miss Wendy and Jon over for dinner tonight because I needed some manly muscle to assist me in moving my fabulous dining table from my garage back into my dining room.  Because you know why?  I finally FINALLY finished that heavy, ugly bitch. 

As a reminder for those of you who don't memorize my every word.  I bought this dining set for $70 off of a list by a guy named Craig.  I ONLY wanted the chairs but the guy threw in the table as well.  So I told him that if it fit in my car, I'd take it too.  Well it did.  And luckily, Wendy and I didn't need to use the knives in our purses.  Or our hidden cell phones.  Nor did we get locked up in a basement and chained to the walls.  Anyhoo.....

I took the set home and decided on what I wanted to do to it.  Here is what she looked like the night I brought her home.  Ohhhhh the possibilities. 

Oh gawd.  I even have the OLD lights up.  If THAT doesn't tell you how long its been since I've had this set.  I'm pretty sure there was snow on the ground when we picked it up.  My guess is February. 

So I started  first by changing the fabric of the cushions.  I found a tablecloth at TJ Maxx on clearance for under $20 and used that as my new chair fabric. 

Then I painted the chairs antique white, which is the same color as my kitchen cabinets and the bombe dresser/buffet/sideboard that is in the dining room. 

I lived with the above picture for about 3 months and finally decided to attempt sanding and staining the dining table.  Well what I thought would be an easy peasy project turned into a complete nightmare.  I sanded and stained and sanded and stained and then did it all over again.  But for some reason, the table wouldn't take the color of the stain the way that I wanted it to.  So it's been sitting in my garage for about a month or two taking of valuable space while I decided what to do with it. If I was strong enough, it seriously would have been pitched into the dumpster across the street from my house.  You can read about that here.  

I made the attempt a couple of weeks ago to try sanding and staining it ONE MORE TIME.  After one coat, I poly'd it twice and rather than spending a lot of time sanding the intricate legs, I decided to just paint them the same color as the chairs.  Because let's face it, I'm not 100% in love with this table.  In fact, I'm not even 25% in love with it.  So odds are it won't be staying in my house for very long.  I never thought it would because the size of it is all wrong and I want a square table that I can fit more people at.  But given the fact that I don't really like the coloring of it, it DEFINITELY won't be staying for long. 

So tonight after I put my final clear protective coar on the legs, I asked Jon to help me bring it inside and back into the dining room.  So without further ado...... here is what she looks like now. 

So what do you think?  Worth the wait?  And the endless blog posts?  I have to say, it's definitely growing on me.  I mean it's 300 times prettier than when I first brought her home.

Now I just need to have another dinner party where we can downand eat a nice fancy schmancy dinner on my fancy schmancy dining table rather than eating on the couches.  Although I'm sure the couches are way more comfortable. 

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