Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not Much Going On Here....At. All.

Ok. So HOW THE HELL did I not realize that last week’s episode of Biggest Fatty Ever was the season finale? It was soooooooo not worthy of a finale one bit.   I was so excited for the Bachelorette to end this week so we could get to the fatties and then I realized that the damn show was going on for like four and a half hours (seriously).   Enough with extending a shows finale like that- especially when the girl was as boring as she was.   If you don’t have enough content, don’t force us to watch 25 minutes of a stupid new game show about hiding money from the cops.   If I wanted to watch crap TV- I would on my own.  Clearly.   Just don’t force it down my throat.  

Oh and since I referenced The Bachelorette- how about Ben’s reaction to getting dumped on national television!   This entire season he’s been way too much of a pussy to me.   He’s got this girly quality about him that just rubs me the wrong way.   I already knew that she didn’t pick him in the end but I NEVER expected that he’d get so angry.   It!   Was!   AWESOME!   He somehow grew a huge set of balls in about .3 seconds and let Ashley have it.   His reaction is the exact reason why I watch crappy reality television.   Pure entertainment.   Priceless.

And speaking of CRAPPY TV.   Who’s excited for Bachelor Pad starting this Monday?   I about lost my shit with the extended preview.   It’s.   Going.   To.   Be.   Epic.   Seriously, if you haven't watched it before, I PROMISE you it will be worth your while.   And even if you think its terribly awful- it will still make you feel so much better about your life.   Cuz these people are pathetic.   With a capital P.   The really awesome news is that Beth and I will be watching it TOGETHER- not in separate states!!!!   I’m totally excited to have her as my house guest next week!   I’ve already saved up some money for bail juuuuuuuuust cough incasewegetarrested cough.   Shit- you never know with us.   We are going to eat lots of yummy food and consume way too much alcohol.   And talk a WHOLE LOTTA SHIT about a WHOLE LOTTA PEOPLE!

But her visit means one thing- my old job is having their championships next week!!   I’m sure that I’ll have some stories after that.   Who wants to guess how awkward it’s going to be seeing Blob?   I mean, I'll probably hear him before I actually see him so I'll definitely be prepared.   Especially after I know for a fact that he read my scathing blog about him.   Whatever.   He’s a dick.   He deserved it.   The event is 3 days long so I’m fairly certain that I will run into a lot of old co-workers. I actually can’t wait to see and take a picture for you all to see Dirty Skanky Suzie.   I’ve heard from multiple sources that she looks like a Hot Mess lately.   Or should I say, even more of a Hot Mess than normal?   My sources say that she’s put on a ton of weight and her face is all red and splotchy.   Wonder if she had a bad reaction to her dirty, smelly cooch cream?

Haven’t done much with the house lately.   I’ve been trying to save my moolah so that I can get the concrete patio next summer.   And $5,000 isn’t just gonna appear in my savings account, OKAYYYYYYYYYYY?   So unless it’s something that I absolutely HAVE to HAVE, I’m not getting it.   This includes clearanced out patio furniture that I would love love love to buy right now- but what’s the point when it’s just going to sit in my garage all winter long?   And you all know crazy me.   There will probably be something else prettier next season that I’m going to want and I’ll regret purchasing the clearance set.   So NO SPENDING for me.  

With that being said, since it’s so difficult for me not to spend, I’ve literally sat in my house the past few weekends cuz I know the minute I go out the door- my wallet is coming open.   It’s just inevitable.   Being inside so much has made me antsy to do a project.   I have a messy section of my closet that I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it.

After the 6th hour of watching SoapNet’s marathon of One Tree Hill (yes, I’m still a 15 year old girl), it dawned on me that I had the perfect solution.   I ran into the garage and grabbed a wooden towel hanger that I had in my old apartment for my bathroom and a can of avocado green spray paint that I bought awhile ago when I wasn’t sure about the yellow for the spare room furniture and sprayed away.  It was originally brown- which I loved- but it was cheap and the paint was chipping off.   After it dried, I brought it upstairs and installed it in my closet to put my belts on.

Simple solution to a VERY annoying problem.

Now my closet looks a little bit less messy than it was.   YAY.   And it was FREE since I already had everything on hand!   Who doesn’t love projects that are free?   Seriously . If only I could get someone to iron and put away my clothes away for me for free as well!   Now that would be awesome.

Cuz yes.  This is what my bed looks like almost every day because I'm too lazy to iron my clothes and hang them up. 

Side story.  A while back there was a bunch of us talking about how OCDFB about other crazy shit that we do like that.  My one thing that people have always made fun of me for is color coding my clothes in my closet.  Well, apparently I'm not the only crazy one cuz more and more friends chimed into the conversation.  You saw a little bit about how my jeans are separated from the rest of my pants and how my pants are sorted by color and then by length in the photos above.  Well here's the view of my shirts.........  I swear, I should be institutionalized. 

I'd show you my sweatshirts up on the top of that shelf but one was falling over a little bit.  HA.

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