Monday, September 26, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours.....Into My Garage

YAY!  Good times. 

So I had my two year home inspection a couple of weeks ago.  You know what that means?  MY HOUSE IS 2 YEARS OLD!  Shut the front door!  That also means that there are two years worth of problems to fix because they are still under warranty.  After this, everything is on MY DIME.  Yowsa!

Since I've been spending quite a bit of time in my garage lately, I've noticed a couple spots of mold on the walls.  Unfortunately I didn't grab any photos of that before hand, but let me tell you- it was MOLDY.  Big moldy spots the size of basketballs.  Thank god I was breathing THAT in for lord only knows how long.

Well the drywall guy came the other day, thinking that it wasn't too big of a deal, just a patch and repair- cut it out and be done with it.  Little did he know.....


Unfortunately my garage has looked like this for the last two weeks.  They knew that they'd have to take the brick off the front of the house to get to the front side of the moldy wet boards to take them off.  Which equaled Kristi FREAKING THE FUCK OUT! 

Well I had a long night last night being the Sunday night football game and all.  So when someone tells me they are going to be here at 8am and I set my alarm for 7:50am and you don't show up until AFTER 11AM......see where I'm going with this?  Kristi was not a happy camper this morning when the hungover tattooed worker came to smash up the front of my house.  The possibility of me being "nice" to the workers about the problem that should never have happened in the first place went out the window as I sat fuming on my couch for 3 hours rather than sleeping in my big comfy bed.  Sucked to be them.

They thought they were going to take off a few pieces and call it a day.  Don't think so.  I made them prove to me that the entire wall was fine (which it wasn't, thank you very much) by taking off the entire wall of brick.  They weren't too happy about it BUT- I'd rather they take everything off and find the leak and fix it the correct way, than just to a patch repair and have this happen again.  On.  My.  Dime. 

Just a little bit of a leak and just a little bit of brick taken off.  What a friggin MESS!  I'm just glad that I hoarded all of the extra brick leftover from when they built the house because now if the brick that they order to replace this mess doesn't match, I can have them use what I already have and I'll keep the new stuff. 

Oh, and do you see my two bushes under the brick?  No?  Well you can see part of one.... They'll be replacing those as well.  Along with the grass that Mr. Tattooed Hungover guy ruined when he backed his truck up onto my lawn.  See what happens when you keep me waiting?  Fuckers. 

Well we've decided to leave the house open for the time being because it's supposed to rain more this week.  So they've vapor wrapped my house again, this time without any slices in the paper (let's do it properly this time) and we will check to make sure that the leak is really fixed.  Then if I don't get any puddles of water inside of the garage, they will re-brick and re-drywall and put humpty pack together again.  In the meantime, this is what she looks like...... poor thing.

Ahhhhhh the life of a home owner.  Good.  Times. 

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