Monday, September 26, 2011

Who Doesn't Love a Little Animal Print?

Well hello there.  I'd like to introduce myself.  I'm Kristi.  And you are?  HAHA. 

I feel like I haven't written in weeks!  That's probably because I haven't.  I've been ridiculously busy.  We've had events every weekend since the middle of August so my mind hasn't been on blogging (never mind on doing projects).  But this past weekend that changed!  Woo hoo- guess who's baccccccckkkkkkk????

Anyway.  When I finished the bombe dresser for the dining room, I intentionally didn't paint the inside of the drawers.  I did, however, attempt to rip out the nasty tacky paper that the previous own had in there. 

Tacky paper- 1 Kristi- 0

I plan on putting all of my serving platters and fancy dishware in the drawers and knew if I did that, I'd end up scuffing up the paint.  I had decided way back when that I was going to purchase fabric and somehow adhere it to the bottoms of the drawers.  This would serve two purposes:  1) to give a soft(er) landing for the dishes that I will eventually DROP in there and 2)  to have a "wow" factor when I open the drawers rather than just looking at boring white.  Like a little surprise that is hidden until you open the drawers and get a "Damn, look at me!!"

I've been looking for fabric ever since I purchased the piece.....oh so long ago.  I lucked out with the fabric for the chair cushions (and kind of spoiled myself because it only cost $19 for that HUGE table cloth).  So I wasn't trying to pay $19.99 per yard for fabric when I knew that I could find something else that I could use for way less.  So I waited and looked and waited and looked and waited and looked.  Any for those who know me... I'm not a very patient person. At.  All. 

Ahhh hahaah this reminds me.  When I was in high school one of my Christmas presents that year from my mother was one of those wooden angels (I think they are called Willow Tree Angels) that all had a name... Angel of happiness, Angel of family, Angel of healing, Angel of hope, etc.  Well she got me the "Angel of patience."  And to this day I still have it.  It sits now on my kitchen window so when I'm doing dishes or cooking, I see it and start laughing.  Probably the opposite affect it should be having on me.  Cuz you've got to love a mom who will call her daughter out on a one of her flaws.  Love you Mom.  See it below. 

Don't you love my basil plant?  It's HUGE! 

Anyway-  back to project.  I finally just bit the bullet and headed over to Joann Fabric's to see if I could find something cute and in the color scheme that I wanted that wasn't $20/yrd.  Can I just tell you for an entire store with tons of fabrics, there were probably 5 that I actually liked.  How ridiculous.  I picked out a few and headed over to the counter.  On my way there I found another fabric and immediately thought to myself, "Self, THAT would be awesome king pillow shams for the gray/yellow spare bedroom and maybe if you buy enough you can also make a cool lumbar pillow with it as well."  And score- price tag $4.99 a yard PLUS it was on sale for 30% off.  Mama loves that! 

When I got up to the counter I asked the lady her thoughts on adhering fabric to wood like how I wanted to use it.  She told me about a fabric glue that was specific to wood, which is great because I've not had luck with some fabric glues before.  I had her cut me 3 yards of the spare room fabric and while she was doing that I realized that I didn't like ANY of the bolts that I had picked out for the bombe dresser.  Of.  Course. 

So I headed back out into the aisles looking for something else.  And lo and behold I found it.  Exactly what I didn't realize that I wanted.  HAHA.  Price was $10.99 (nine bucks cheaper than the others that I had found) and it was also 30% off.  Sweet!!!! 

The lady actually laughed at me when I got back there cuz what I chose was SO NOTHING like what I had originally brought over to her.  Ready for it???  Roooooooaaaaaaaar!!!

I also picked up a fabric cutter while I was there, thinking that it would make the project easier.  No so much.  But at least I have a fabric cutter.  HA. 

When I got back home I immediately started on cutting the fabric to the size of the drawers and got to gluing.  All-in-all it was pretty easy and I absolutely love it.  It's just what the piece needed.  And with my platters (all white) in there it won't be so inyoface as it is right now.  But it's still that extra lil bit of something that it needed. 

What do you think?

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