Monday, December 12, 2011


I mentioned in the last post that I went shopping with Miss Wendy and picked out my birthday gift from my mamacita.  Man, do I love me some gift cards.  They are seriously the best gift anyone can get. HINT HINT- it's getting to be gift giving time.

I've actually been pricing these out at Lowe's and HD and they've been ridiculously expensive.  And I'm sure that this isn't top of the line by any means.  But I still wanted it. Plus its also the same brand as the fixtures already installed.

So here goes.  Lame ass shower before shot:

Don't mind the soap scum.  God I hate that shower.  It's so small.  Like I literally turn around and smack into a wall.  And that tile?  Ew.  Hate it.  When I finally have some decent money to spend, the bathroom is getting stripped of the cheapest tile in the world and getting a major upgrade.  But the thing that I'm referring to when I say "LAME" is the shower head.  The nozzle doesn't even move all the way up or down.  Hence the soap scum.  I can barely get the sides of the shower wet enough to scrub it.

Now it looks mildly improved:

Oooooooh a rain shower.  And a removable sprayer.  Oooooooh yeah!!  It's so nice to be under that shower now.  I almost don't want to run out of the shower in the morning because of my absolute hatred of it.  Almost.  

I started (and ended) decorating my house for Christmas.  If you know me- you know how much I despise this holiday.  I don't know what it is about it.  I effing HATE it.  I wish I could blink on the day after Thanksgiving and open my eyes up to New Year's Eve.  Anyhoo- enough about my Grinchery.  So I put out a couple of decorations.  Ok one.  But then I've been seeing all these cute ways of using ornaments other than on trees so I decided that I would make something similar.  I headed to good old TJ for a couple of clear vases.  I picked up two for $4.99 and $5.99.  Can you say STEAL?  Then I got out the bin of balls (that's what she said) and tossed some into the vases.  Voila!

And then I realized that it was super blah in the Kristi Way.  What is with me and tan, cream and brown?  Even my nonexistent tree has lame balls (I said balls).  I knew that I needed to change it up but I was done decorating at that point.  

In a slightly different note- remember that blue ball wreath I made?  If not, you can read about it here

Well I came home after a VERY exhausting event that was quite honestly the biggest event of my life so far (until Feb 5th that is) and was literally crawling through my house with my eyes already half closed to see blue balls ALL OVER MY FLOOR.  That was literally the DIY gods shitting on my already horribly awful 18 hour day.  I decided to just step over them and go upstairs and fall into bed.  I didn't realize the extent of the damage until I came downstairs the next morning (OK afternoon).  I literally wanted to cry.  

But I didn't.  I plopped myself down on the floor, peeled everyone one of those balls off and re-purposed them.  Ta-da!!!!!!

Oh lookie there.  I DO have two decorations.  I picked up that cute little reindeer when I was in Colorado a few years back visiting Miss Sarah!  The other one you will see in a second.

Yesterday I HAD to go to the grocery because my fridge was starting to look like a bachelor's fridge with beer, cheese, and ketchup.  It was kind of pathetic.  Although you might be surprised by the things that I can make with that.  So off to the store I went with a little side trip to Joann's for some burlap.  I picked up 3 yards of it along with some some ribbon.  Once home I measured, cut and accessorized my new table runner.  Ta-da again!!!!

Simple but perfect.

I going to embellish the runner a little bit but more on that when I actually do it (next year).

I also popped over to Bed Bath and Beyond while I was out and found a cute duvet cover for my master bedroom.  I've been searching for something with some color for quite a while.  The gray/yellow room has given me the color fever.  I tried out ones that were in my closet and wasn't really feeling them.  Well I found one in the colors that I was thinking about (slate blue and burnt orange and shockingly, I actually found something with those colors).  I got it home and put it on the bed.  And..... I like it.  I actually like it.

Sorry about the crappy lighting.  Unfortunately I don't think that I'll be keeping it though.  It's about 2 inches too short on both sides of the bed.  DAMN.  And it's a king.

So back to square one.  I'm actually loving on one right now from Anthropology but it's WAAAAAAAY too expensive for me.

It's $368 for the cover ONLY and each sham is $130.  And this mama may like the champagne but only has enough money for beer.  So I'm thinking about DIYing one myself to "resemble" this one.  And by thinking I mean I'm going to need to learn how to sew first.  THEN I might be able to think about DIYing one.

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