Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blue Balls Anyone?

Today was my first day sleeping in in what feels like for-EVA.  For- eva-eva.  Ahhhh it was so nice to not roll over until after 11:30am.  I know all you guys with kids and pets say that your life is soooooooo fulfilled with said kids and pets and how can I not want/have them?  Well, I'll tell you what.  When is the last time YOU got to sleep in until 11:30am?  That's what I thought.  Remember that next time you ask me when I'm going to get me some brats.

So when I FINALLY dragged my ass out of bed and went downstairs I got a little itch for being crafty.  I had been cutting out pics from magazine and seeing different pictures on Pinterest lately of Christmas ball wreaths.  I really only have one wreath so far and it's got more of a fall vibe going on.  This is what I made last year.

Ooooh sooooo pretty.   As I was walking through the aisles the other day and the Xmas ornaments were ALREADY out (UGH) it got me to thinking. So I ran to Lowe's and Wallyworld to pick up some supplies and came home to get to it.

I started out by getting a $.97 6 ft foam tube meant for going around pipes and cut it to size basing it off of the current wreath on the door already and then duck taped the two ends together.

Then I got hot gluing those balls on.  I said balls.  See how many I had on the table?  I bought 2 bins of the bigger balls and 1 of the smaller set.  And yeah.  Ran out of those real fast.  So off to Wallyworld I went again.  As did apparently the entire population of Indiana.  Fucking holidays.  Ugh.

Anyway- so this is how it started out.

And here's what it looks like finished!!!

{note to self- it's about time to get a new WELCOME mat.}

And I didn't even burn myself once with the hot glue gun.  Score!!  You know what I didn't score on?  Notice the OPEN screen door?  Ummm yeah.  Apparently my balls are bigger than I thought.  My poor wreath doesn't fit in between the two doors.  FAIL.  Big fucking fail.  Whomp whomp.

Oh well.  Anyone want to buy a pretty wreath?  I'll sell it to you for $25 (cost of materials).

Guess I'll start on a new one tomorrow.  Although I've probably had enough of the blue balls.  Now I know what 13 year old boys feel like.

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