Sunday, January 8, 2012

Home For The Holidays- Part Two

So after all of the great food and visiting with my family and having THREE Christmas dinners I was able to spend some time with some fantastic ladies!  I love being able to come home and pick up with friends that you haven't seen since the last Christmas trip and it be just like you saw them last week.

I headed to lunch with someone that I've been friends with literally since kindergarten.  We had a great lunch and gabbed and told stories from the past year and made each other laugh just a teenie tiny bit while we were at it.  She is seriously like the energizer bunny- always on the go.  She exhausts me sometimes just hearing about everything that she does on a daily basis.  And I'm just sitting on the couch most of the time.  Although typing hilarious blogs is seriously exhausting in it's own way too I guess.  We lost touch a while back and I missed out on some huge life experiences she had and I'll probably regret that for a long time not being there to support her.  Thankfully we have reconnected (ahhh the powers of social media) and over the past few years have gotten to be friends again.  It is unfortunate though that I was under the spell of a major cuntbag master manipulator for so long because a lot of damage was done by her towards a lot of great friends.  Single white female, anyone??

And speaking of major cuntbag master manipulator's- I had a fantastic dinner with some of her family members while I was there.  Although I spent so much time with them growing up that they are like my family as well.  And in all honesty, they don't like her all that much anyways.  HAHA.  My words, not theirs.  We had quite the time talking some smack and enjoying each others company and eating a delicious meal.  Desperado's never fails.  Neither do their margarita's.  And I got a yummy tin full of raspberry squares that  Seriously- the thing weighed like 10 lbs.  Luckily I had some help eating them because I would have gained 20 lbs on my ass from eating them all.  But I will have to get the recipe from her because I can't wait another year to have another taste.  They were just that good.

I then headed to a workout class with one of my other friends that I've been friends with since the 1st grade.  It was fun and sweaty and tiring and fantastic all at the same time.  I smelled super sexy by the time I got home.  Super sexy.  We stopped by her mom's house before she dropped me off at my moms and chatted and told more stories for a few more hours.  Then the following night I headed to her house for wine and some girl time.  She has two adorable boys and the youngest is a total ham.  He was super smiley and showing off while the oldest was playing shy.  It's so neat to see these parts of my friends lives where they are moms.  I was actually joking around when we were at her mom's house about how I was sooooo not having children.  At one point I do believe that I motioned to my lady bits and was like "none of that shit is going on here."  Seriously- my hips are WIDE enough.  And I honestly think that I would hold it over my child's head for tearing up said parts until they were 18.  But anyway- she's an amazing mom to her two little guys.  I had to give her crap though for the daily Elf on the Shelf photos that she (and every other mother of little ones I know) posted every damn day leading up to Christmas...For Christ's sake Kathleen.

For the past few years a bunch of us have gotten together to do either breakfast or dinner with a gift exchange.  Unfortunately this year with jobs and life we weren't able to do that.  Maybe this year I can get home more than once and we'll find some time to get together because it's always a great time.  Or maybe some of those fabulous ladies might want to do a road trip and come visit ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (hinthint)  But I thoroughly enjoyed my time with all of you- Diane, Shannon, Kathy and Betho!!!!!  Til next year!  HAHA.

It was definitely nice to get back to my own house though.  After a few hours in airports and a few hours on airplanes I walked into my house and  "Ahhhhhhhed."  It was so nice to sleep in my own bed and not wake up until the afternoon.  Without any interruption.  HAH.

And speaking of my house.  I was able to pop over there today to get some stuff done.  I'm hanging out with 3 very hairy slobbery boys for the week as my friends enjoy themselves on a cruise fuckers so I'm limited in my time there.  When I was home in Mass I picked up a couple of curtains for my upstairs living room, like I mentioned in the last post.

I threw them in the washer today to clean them up as they were a little dusty and were in the bottom of a cardboard box for a week.  Unfortunately they are tab top curtains which I don't need.  But since they are behind my couch I could use the bottoms as the top and put the tabs at the bottom behind the couch.

Here is what the room looked like before I swapped out the curtains.

The curtains that were in the room were OK when I didn't really give two shits about it.  They are just plain ivory with embroidered leaves on them in different greens.  I think I paid like $15 a piece.  Seriously though- for 2 years I kind of shielded my eyes from from this room as I walked in and out of my bedroom.  I recently completed the dresser/TV stand for the room as my TV had been residing on the floor since I moved in.  You can see that transformation here and here. I took out the rug and swapped out the pillows and eventually the chaise will get a makeover with new fabric.  I should have grabbed the other 2 curtains because there was probably enough fabric to re-do the chaise with them.  Dammit.  Mom- if you are reading this- send them to me!!!  But changing out the curtains makes a big difference.  Once I get more blue in there it'll look like I've actually got some sort of plan going on.  Here it is now.

I'm thinking eventually that I will need to re-paint the TV stand as it just doesn't look right to me.  I have a few gift cards for Lowe's and Home Depot so maybe I'll get myself a paint sprayer with them.  I've actually been thinking about that for a while.  But when I was home for the holiday my fabulous friend Melissa texted me asking if I had one cuz she wanted my opinion on them since she was looking at them too.  So now I'm kind of itching to get myself one.  I'll keep you posted on that though.  I still have a few pieces that I want to get for the house.  The main one being for the downstairs TV.  I can't stand the piece that it's on now.  I want a really ornate short and long dresser.  There's also a piece for my kitchen that I've been looking for.  But all in time.  Or as soon as Craig and his List show me what I want.

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