Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Feeling A Little BLUE?

What's up bitches?!?!?  FINALLY got that dresser/TV stand done for the upstairs living room!  I'm not sure if it is because I haven't painted anything a dark color yet or what.  But this color just WOULD NOT go on evenly.  At.  All.  I'm still not sure if I'm in love with the color yet either.  I mean, I love the actual color.  But I'm not sold on the color scheme of the room. Yet.  Although you guys chose it unanimously. Douchebags.  So it's all your fault.  I have to say that I'm actually pretty shocked that none of you chose hot pink.

I think the reason that I'm hesitating with the blue (Midnight Blue to be exact) is because not everything in the room is changed out yet- like the curtains and the rug need to go away to be replaced with deep thick dark blue curtains and maybe a cream shag? I also need to organize those bookcases now that I've officially started utilizing the room and finishing it like the rest of the house instead of just throwing things in there and closing my eyes as I leave my bedroom every morning silently saying "I can't see you.  I can't see you."

Here she is before hand.  If you don't remember , I scored her for about $169 at my local consignment store and she came with a mirror that will be re-purposed as well (more to come on that).  You can see the mirror and brackets behind the dresser.

And after what seemed like 65 coats of Midnight Blue here she is now.

And here is the rest of the room with the navy and cream pillows that I already had just sitting in my spare closet.  Gotta love random pillows.

Ugh.  Rug.  That'll soon be rolled up and put into the garage for the next round of garage sales.  I'm going to switch out that chair and ottoman and put it back into my bedroom for now but it'll go in the next round of garage sales as well.  I have a chaise in the garage that needs some MAJOR cleaning off and de-spidering EEK! and then it'll go upstairs into that spot.  I'll eventually re-fabric it with a coordinating navy/cream fabric.

I actually went out and purchased new drawer pulls and knobs for the TV stand.  However, with the bottom drawer being curved the handles did not work one bit.  So I bit the bullet and sprayed the original handles with a brushed nickel paint.  They will do for now.  But maybe I might turn them into oil rubbed bronze instead which would give them more of a metallic dark chocolate color.  Yes.  That is what I will do.  Tomorrow.

Oh and I noticed something totally creepy when I was priming the dresser.  They weren't so noticeable when I bought it and definitely aren't so noticeable with the dark blue. But as white- ew ew ew.  See what I mean?

Brings new meaning to the term Claw Foot.  it even has toe nails.  GROSS!!

And one more up close to get the real feel of the color (and the streaky paint job-ugh).  Although I'm not sure if its because of the curves on the3 drawers or not.  Who knows- maybe I just had one too many beers while painting.  PARRRRRR-TAYYYYYY!

In other news:  Sarah and I have decided to run another half marathon.  yes we are fucking insane!  We are looking for one in the Indy area so that she can come out and visit me here and see my house and I can give her the tour of Indianapolis!  There are many marathons throughout the year in Indy so we just have to find one and pick it!  I'm thinking more like May/June with us having the Big Ten Championship Football game in Dec and ummm I don't know- the SUPER BOWL in February.  I don't think I'll be able to train much until those two events are done.  Not that I was able to train all that much for the last years one.  Maybe this time I'll take it a little bit more seriously.  There is the 500 Festival mini marathon at the beginning of May that I'm looking at.  So hopefully Sarah is able to do that one as well.  I've kind of already convinced some friends to run that with me as well.  If Sarah can't do that one maybe we'll find another in June after school gets out for me to run with her.  So ummmm yeah that would mean 2 half marathons in as many months?  Over achiever? So LET THE TRAINING BEGIN!  Woo hoo!!

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