Sunday, July 15, 2012

Organizing My Drawers...Not THOSE Drawers!!

Another project that I got to doin on Friday was one that I've been wanting to do since I moved into the house.  Three years ago.  Lazy much?  If you all don't know this about me by now (I mean, where the hell have you been??)- I love me some organization.  Like- I love it so much that if organization was a hot, sexy man, I would marry it in a second. Even if it had a lisp.

So after pinning the below picture on Pinterest a very long time ago, I figured it's about time to get on that shit.

When I headed to Lowe's for the copper pieces needed for the outdoor mason jar oil burners I also checked out the wood (that's what she said) aisle.  I picked up 6 pieces of poplar 3/8 X 3 X 36 that were $2.41 a piece.  I probably could have bought a couple of 8 ft boards for cheaper but mama wasn't thinking.  I was on a mission.

{yes, I know assholes, there are only 3 there}

I started out with these hot messes.  

The two utensil drawers are in the island and the silverware drawer is in my bottom cabinets- hence the different drawer colors.  The metal tray I have now I've probably had for about 8 or 9 years- no lie.  It's served it's purpose but it's not really what I want and it's broken.  So it must go.  The two island drawers weren't really organized except for a mesh wire tray for smaller things like my can opener and pizza cutter so that they didn't get lost in the clutter.  Everything else was just thrown in there.  It.  Drove.  Me.  Nuts.  

So I emptied out the drawers and measured for my cuts.  I did make sure that the tallest item, widest item, and roundest item all had enough room and before I put the first piece in.  

Once I made sure all of my utensil's fit in their places, I put some wood glue on the bottom of the poplar, placed it in it's spot and then used some 1 inch brad nails to secure it from the outside.  

Here is a pic of what the two island drawers look like without all the utensils put into them.  

I kept them pretty similar but again- the widths are different based off of the needs for each drawer.  Here they are filled back up and in the island.  

OMG so much better!!!!!  What do you think?  

Then it was on to the silverware drawer.  I really liked the "pinspiration" photo layout.  So that is what I decided to do with this drawer.  

And here it is filled back up!

So for under $15 I have three drawers completely organized.  Pretty decent since looking at some of those bamboo organizers (shit- even the plastic ones) can cost between $10-15 for one.  Super easy project and the best part about it was I got to play with my miter saw!  Score!!  I love that thing.  I totally feel all powerful and shit using it.  And the funny thing, the guy driving by me using it definitely slowed down and gave me a nod of the head as if I totally impressed him.  Hells yeah!   If only I'd have had my pink toolbelt on.  Next time!

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