Monday, November 26, 2012

A Little Paint Or A Little Stain?

What a looooooooong flipping weekend.  I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday with whomever you were nice enough to grace with your presence.  I had a great time as always with Miss Wendy's family.  No one plays Transformers with a 2 year old like I do.  No one.  I'm pretty much the bomb.  Just sayin.

Well aside from a nice relaxing Thursday with a HUGE Patriots win- how about them boys?- I had to work high school football championships all day Fri and all day Sat then had a Colts game on Sunday.  So my brain is a little mushier than normal right now.  Seriously- at one point today I was passed out on my desk drooling.  Clean-up on aisle one!   It wasn't pretty.  This weekend is the biggest week of the year for me- well aside from that little Super Bowl thing that we had in February.  So I'll be busting my booty this week leading up to Saturday's big game- check it out on Fox.  Shameless plug as I am now sponsored by Fox.  Just kidding.  But I am paid by the stadium that will be aired on Fox- so kindasortathesamething.

Hopefully this Sunday I can finally start doing the dishes from last week that are still sitting on my counter.  Although the apple peels drying out on the cutting board make the house smell nice.  But I'm guessing that won't last much longer.  Maybe instead of posting I should be cleaning my kitchen?  Ah whatevs.  It'll be there tomorrow.   So since I have 5 minutes to spare I got to thinking about my next house project.  I will have a quick and easy artwork project for upstairs that I hope to tackle on Sunday maybe if I can get to Michael's.  But what I'm really needing to start working on is the laundry room- aka my grand entrance into my mansion.      

My girl Melissa just finished working on her shelving in her kitchen which looks amazing- and it got me itching to get cracking on mine in my laundry room.  Here are some terrible shots of the super teenie tiny space.  Like- you can't even stand in the room and get a full shot of the back wall because it's so close to you.  So just pretend that these are amazing photos that fully show what I'm working with.  It's a stretch, I know.  But roll with it baby.

And in the keeping it real fashion- see all the shit that needs hiding with new shelving and cute baskets?  Yea this room is so glamorous.  Welcome home, Kristi.

I'm going to be so frickin happy to get rid of that wire shelf.  It's not even funny.  What IS funny is that even though I'm like 5'7" on a good day, I can barely reach the stuff on that shelf.  No lie.  The washer and dryer stick out so far from the wall that I'm literally on my tippy toes trying to get the detergent.  It's kind of ridiculous.

So my thoughts are that I'm going to put 3 wood shelves spanning the length of the wall.  BUT- I have a dilemma.  Do I paint them white or do I stain them dark walnut?  You know I love crisp white but you also know I luuuuuuurv me some dark brown as well.  HAH.  In more ways than one!  Anywho- I have a treatment for the back wall so the light blue paint will no longer be visible.  So that entire wall will be white.  I'm thinking that it's going to be too much white if I go with white shelves.  What do you think?  My inspiration photo from forever ago (not sure where I found it so sorry for not supplying the source) is below.

Cute, right?  Can you see where I'm going with it?  I can't wait have my laundry all stylin with baskets and canisters with labels.  OMG my OCD organization self  is going to love it!  So, whatcha think?  

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