Monday, June 17, 2013

Got Paint?

Actually, the post title should be "Got Bored?"  Because when I get bored, apparently I find something to paint.  And I painted something yesterday.  Woot woot!  When I should have been doing my laundry.  So here's my not-so-sincere apology to my co-workers for maybe possibly smelling today at work since I didn't get a chance to wash my clothes.  My bad.  At least I brought cupcakes.

So I enter my house through my garage, into the laundry room and then into the kitchen.  My "front door" is my garage door.  Kinda not a pretty sight to come home to.  Especially when your garage is full of junk that's not pretty- no matter how many times I've written to companies to make prettier tools.  One just can't make a lawn mower and shovel look sexy.  Unless you are standing naked next to it.  Which I'm not.

Then to top it off, when I signed off on the house, it came with an "unfinished" garage.  So what they mean by unfinished, is "we won't fill the nail holes, sand down the putty that we slapped on the drywall, paint the door moldings or clean up the boot marks and writing that we scribbled all over the drywall when get got tired and drank beers in your new home instead of spending the time to level the walls."   You know- exactly what "unfinished" means to everyone.

So while the plan down the line is to prime and paint the inside of the garage and make it a little more aesthetically pleasing to my eyes when I come home, I had to at least do something simple to make a big difference.  Therefore, I pulled out the paint can yesterday.  I've made the laundry room quite a bit prettier since moving in- taking out the boob light and replacing it with a chandelier, building new shelves, painting the walls a light blue.....  But something was still missing- especially from the outside.

Here are a couple of before shots of the entry door.  Brace yourselves..... it's a beauty.

 {from the inside- laundry room side}

{from the outside- garage side}

See what I mean about the walls?  Ew.  Just ew.  Hopefully the after photos make you smile like they do for me.  Such an improvement.  

Awwwwww I LOVE IT!!!!  It's the same color as the powder room makeover from a couple of months ago.  For all your girls out there- it's the color of a Tiffany's box.  Although it's technically called Alpine Valley by Pittsburgh Paint.  I think the new color will look good with some light gray walls in the garage.  

Next up- filling the nail holes in the door frame molding and painting it to match the rest of the trim and moldings in the house.  Then time for some wall paint!!  Who's not looking forward to clearing out her garage  this weekend???  Oot oot!!  I know the answer!  

I love a quick, spur of the moment paint job that really transforms a room.  When I pulled into my garage today I totally smiled.  Awwwwww.  It totally welcomed me.  

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