Saturday, June 15, 2013

Putting Things On The Walls

Well hello!  Do you remember me?  I used to run a blog about my house.  But apparently I go on vacation and forget about it for a month.  Oopsie.  It really has more to do with the fact that I haven't done shit in my house rather than going on vacation.  But I'll certainly let the trip take the fall.

When I finally finished unpacking (I won't even tell you how long it took me to do that- lazy) I was putting my suitcase back into the spare master bedroom closet and noticed all of the "stuff" that is just sitting in there waiting to be placed somewhere in the house.  There's artwork, decor, pillows, picture frames, dvd players, old cell phones, 3 laundry baskets and so much more CRAP!  It totally irritated me that the one piece of art that I bought way back when was still sitting there so I did something about it- right then and there!   I definitely showed it who was boss.  I took it out of the closet and leaned it against one of the bedroom walls. Where it sat for another week. See- lazy.

Today I finally hung it up.  Along with a few other things.  Mind you- some of this stuff I bought when I lived in Florida.  Eight years ago.  And it's yet to be hung up.  Ridiculous- that's my middle name.  The funny thing is- almost every room in my house is fully decorated with so much personality.  Except for my bedroom.  So boring.  Recently I changed the duvet cover to add some color in there.  But other than that- it has ZERO personality whatsoever.  It's got such beautiful furniture.  It just needs to be decorated.  Hopefully the things I did this morning will get me going with this room- seeing as though it's MY PERSONAL SPACE.  You would think that I would have been all over this room by now.  Nope.  It's blah.

First we'll start with the artwork.  I loved this when I first bought it about 4 and a half years ago.  I think I paid like $15 for it.  No lie.  Then it was everywhere.  So I didn't hang it.  I was annoyed that it was no longer unique.  It went straight to the closet.  I even put it out at my garage sale last year.  And it didn't sell.  So it went back into the closet.  Where it's stayed since.  I bit the bullet- not really caring that it is STILL everywhere today.  I might as well use it, right?  And my bathroom walls, while not bare, definitely needed some artwork.

I hung those wooden boxes up a while back as a start.  But they just weren't enough.  So now when I lay in the tub I will stare at this!

I think it's cute.

Next up was the wall opposite my bed, leading out the door.  It's a longish stretch of wall that it just itching for something to be on it.

So I added a set of mirrors (one of the Florida purchases).  And used my amazing math skills while I was at it.  Boom!

They actually look a lot smaller, now that I've hung them.  Not sure if I'm liking them there.  They kind of look swallowed up by the wall.  But they'll stay for now.  Especially now that I've put 6 holes in the wall.

Lastly- another Florida purchase went up.  I didn't take a before shot- it was just a bare wall.  I'm sure you can imagine that on your own.  I have the same set of wooden candle holders downstairs in my living room.  They are super simple, but pretty when lit at night.  All about the romance up in here.  Bow chica bow bow.

Do you like the throw pillows on the bed?  My dear friend Judy bought me the pillow covers when she was in Thailand.  They are the perfect color match to the duvet cover and pillow shams that I sewed behind them.

I'm thinking of painting the room again.  The color now is the same that is in my dining room and hallway going up the stairs.  I like it- it's the color of Baileys Irish Creme.  I didn't know what I was doing with the room and I go mental with white walls- so I just threw this color on the walls when I moved in.  But I'm thinking I want to go with a darker gray.  If I do that, I need to take down the brown curtains.  So I want to find new curtains first before I paint.

I would also like to get a thin, simple, streamlined couch to go in front of the bed.  I was originally going to just build either a bench or storage ottoman.  But the room is so long that when I lay in bed, I can barely see what's on the TV.  I know- rich people problems, right?  Wah- my bedroom is too big.  Seriously though.  Look.  I'm not lying.

Do you see what I mean?  There's a lot of wasted space.  And maybe if I had a small couch, I could put my laundry there instead of on my bed like I usually do.  Since apparently I am too lazy to hang it up in the closet.  And for all you guy readers out there- I am not just going to get a bigger TV.  That one is plenty big enough for me.  

I must have had artwork on my mind cuz I was in Target the other day "just looking" and found some cute ideas for my friend Kayla.  She just moved into a new condo and has a ton of white walls that she wants to  change up.  But she can't paint and doesn't want to spend a ton of money to make them look nice.  I wonder if she took my advice.  She SAID she liked them......  (Kayla??????)  I just didn't know her color scheme.  So I sent her 3 options.  All of them were under $10 and she would just need to pick up a couple of 1X2X8 pieces of wood to make frames.  What do you think?  (And yes, they are fabric shower curtains- I'm obsessed)

I LOVE the hexagon chevron patterned one on the bottom.  I'm going to actually go back there today and bring my color swatch from my newly painted powder room and see if any of the aqua colors match and if they do, mama has a new art project for the weekend!!  Fingers crossed.  But first I must shower.

So any small changes that you are making?  New artwork?  Cleaning out closets and finding things you had in the for years that you've forgotten about?

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