Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nothing Subtle About This Color

Lately I've been seeing a lot of photos with either bookcases or closets with bold pops of color on the back.  And I've totally fallen in love with that idea.  I knew the exact place I wanted to do this- since I don't have any bookcases that would work to do it on.  My upstairs linen closet.

My goal in the next couple of months is to get rid of the wire shelves in my house.  Every.  Last.  One.  Of.  Them.   Last Friday I had the day off so I headed to the store to get supplies.  The flyer had 6 ft. white boards for $9.99 with a $9 rebate per board.  So basically I paid $.99 per board.  Score.  I picked up 6 of them on that trip.  And some pink paint.  Holla!

I couldn't wait to put that paint on the walls but first I had to tackle getting those damn wire shelves off the walls.  Ugh.  Well I think I might have found an easier way people!  Let Vanna demonstrate for you-

I have found that wedging a flat head screwdriver between the clip and nail enough to get a hold of it with the needle nose pliers works great.  Then you just pull the nail out.  You're still going to get a dime size hole in the wall, but it's way easier than tugging and yanking and pulling.  That's what she said.  

There were four shelves in this linen closet and I wanted to keep the same amount.  BUT rather than permanently installing the new shelves, I decided to install tracks instead.  This allows me to adjust the height of the shelves as needed.  But first I needed to spackle all of the holes and sand them down.  That didn't take too long.  Although it wasn't that night because I went to the Gin Blossoms concert!  Woot woot!!

So Sunday after the game I was able to start painting. I only got a quart of paint since this was such a small area.  But let me tell you- the walls sucked up that paint really fast.  I was kind of nervous that I would run out but luckily I didn't.  I think I have a drop left in the can after all was said and done.  I've also never painted with reds/pinks so I didn't realize how hard they are to get even on the walls.  So if you look closely at the walls, you will notice the not-so-even paint.  Whatevs.  It's a closet.

Here goes!

It's bold- that's for sure.  I color matched to the craft paint that I used on the LOVE letters and the WTF and SRSLY frames.  It's super cute.

Then I headed back downstairs to cut the boards.  Because the width of the closet was 41 inches and the boards were 72 I needed to take off quite a bit.  I could have gotten the 4 ft board but those weren't on-sale, nor were they $.99.  So 6 ft. boards it was.  And thank god I hadn't returned Mr. Jon's circular saw yet oops my bad sorry Jon because I just used it to cut the boards.

The smaller boards against the front of the workbench are the leftover pieces.  Still a pretty decent size if I wanted to use them elsewhere- like in the garage???  I also have 2 extra boards that I'm thinking about where I can put them.  But back to the pink closet.  Here it is with the shelves already installed.

I actually had WAY MORE stuff in there that I'm now trying to get rid of- like extra duvet covers, coverlets, comforters, curtains, pillow shams, bed skirts...... Seriously- it was like a small Bed Bath and Beyond in there.  I'm only keeping 3 duvet sets- the others have gone onto that list by Craig.  I've had a couple of inquiries already so fingers crossed I can sell them all!  And make back some moolah!  Mama loves money!

But the closet looks much more organized than before and allows the color to show through.  I effing LOVE it.  Cuz who doesn't need more pink in their life?  Seriously.


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