Saturday, February 15, 2014

Starting on the Master Closet

What I thought was going to be a quick update ended up with me swearing in the dark in my closet. This update took so long, the sun had actually gone down before I was done.  There's nothing like playing with electrical wires in the dark.

So this all started when one of the ladies I work with brought me over a flyer for a flash 3 day sale at Menards, asking me if I'd seen it yet.  I hadn't so she pointed out a gorgeous chandelier that was on-sale from $79 to $29.  And the sale started that day.

I almost asked my boss if I could leave right then because I knew that I had to go buy this chandelier.  I mean, I had no idea where the hell I was going to put it.  But for $29 I didn't really care.  When the clock finally struck 5pm I got the hell outta there and headed to the store.

I walked up and down the aisles of light fixtures and couldn't find it so I asked the worker if she knew if they had it anywhere in stock.  She told me that unfortunately she had just sold the last one.  Boooooo.  So I asked her if they had it on display so I could look at it and see if I liked it and then she could possibly search other stores to see if they had it.  So as she's walking me to the display, she says, "That's the lady I just sold the last one to."  I jokingly say to her, "That old lady?  I can totally take her out.  Don't worry, I'll get my light."  She clearly didn't get my humor cuz I would never attack an old lady for shit's sake.  But the look on her face was priceless.  I finally told her that I was joking but I'm fairly certain that she didn't believe me as she walked away to call security.

The next thing that happened was pure awesomeness.

As I'm staring up at the light, the nice lady who had taken the last of the chandeliers looks back at me and asks if I'm wanting to buy that light- to which I said yes but they are out.  She grabs the box in her cart and hands it to me and says, "Here you go!"  Ummmmm what the fuck?  Seriously?  Apparently she needed two of them and she didn't want to spend time going store to store.  So she just handed it right over to me.  I almost kissed her right there.  Instead, I hightailed it outta the lighting section before she could change her mind- after thanking her profusely.

After thinking about where it should go, it dawned on me I could put it in my master closet.  I've been trying to find a new light for it but it has to be less than a certain length since the closet door swings under it.  However, if I swagged it over a few inches from where the light box is, this would totally work.  So back to the lighting section I went to grab a hook for the ceiling.  As I'm deciding which one to get the sales girl walks by me helping someone else and looks into my cart, seeing the chandelier in there.  I said, "Told you I'd fight her for that light.  Clearly, I won."  That poor girl.

So today, I finally decided after I finished putting my food back into the pantry, that I was going to get the light installed.  After changing out at least 9 light fixtures in my house, I'm pretty confident that I can handle it.  It's just sometimes things take a little longer than anticipated.  Especially when you have to run the wiring through the chain and then cut the extra length off of the wires and chain and all of the extra little things.

The previous light was builder grade, hideous, boring, etc.

So it went from that, ew.  To this!!

I probably should have left a little more swag.  But whatever.  Isn't she gorgeous?

I even cleared out the piles of sweatshirts so you could see her better.  The "candle" portions can come off, so eventually when this room gets it's makeover and I pick the paint color, I might paint those to match.  Cuz they are kind of an awful tan/flesh color right now.

So what do you think??  Not bad for under $30 right?  And I swear, no old ladies were harmed in the making of this closet update.

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