Monday, April 7, 2014

Brainstorming the Master Closet

Now that I have no events until July, it's time to really start thinking about my master closet reno.  Not that I haven't been silently obsessing over it every day when I get dressed.  Ugh I hate it.  It's going to be beautiful though.  Soon.  Hopefully.

I keep bouncing ideas around and putting them to paper only to scratch them out and start all over again.  I've pulled a few pics from late night Pinterest searches that have caught my eye for one reason or another.

I've compiled a list of "must haves" that I would like included in my new closet:

  • Shoe storage since all of my shoes are either lined up on the floor or on a rickety metal rack from college.
  • Hidden laundry hamper
  • Drawers for sweaters
  • Purse storage in some form
  • Hanging Space for pants and shirts
One thing about my closet you should know- is that it's not a square or rectangle.  It has 3 separate nooks so it's kind of an awkward layout.  Even the individual nooks aren't square/rectangle.  I'd love to meet the asshat that thought it would be OK to do that.  Does he not know there are serious OCD people like me out there that need everything to be symmetric?  See what I mean in the little sketch that I quickly drew up? Those dimensions?  Ridiculous.

{obviously not to scale}

And now for the actual photos of the closet.  

  {right side}


{left side}

What?  You don't color coordinate your clothes?  I swear I'm not crazy.

As you can see- it's organized.  But it's just a mess.  Or looks like a mess.  I want a lot of that hidden in drawers.  Plus going through it all, I'll probably get rid of a lot of clothes that I don't wear any longer.  Gotta make room for new stuff, right?  HAH.  Oh and purge those mismatched plastic hangers as well.

So while I continue to brainstorm on what I want and what I realistically can do/build myself, you tell me what you like about the above pictures and what you think should go in there.  But remember the dimensions in the drawing.  It's not as big as it looks.

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