Thursday, May 25, 2017

Re-Doing Re-done Rooms

Guys.  I have a problem.  I can't redo a room and LEAVE IT ALONE. I mean, I get that tastes change.  I get that sometimes I don't do what I want to do originally.  I also get that maybe at the time, I think I'm going to like the room, but eventually am going to change my mind.  Whatever the reason, I seem to spend a lot of time, money, energy on re-doing rooms that I've already re-done.  For example- my now green/gray spare room and my master bathroom.

Well now it's time to re-do my already re-done upstairs living room.

First it started out with "French Gray Linen" which was NOT gray at all and more of a light sage green.  My upstairs hallway walls and the living room were painted this color when I first moved in.  I loved the color on the swatch.  I even sat on the color for months while my house was being built.  I contemplated this color for a long time, looking at others, but always coming back to it.  It was pretty.

These pics were probably taken within a month of me moving in.  I didn't even have end tables or a TV stand yet.  But even once I had them in, I couldn't put my finger on it.  I just didn't like the room.  This was a room that I just put crap in and tried to make it work.  And it didn't.  The minute I painted the front spare room the light gray, I knew what it was.  The paint color- that I LOVED on the swatch-  I just HATED it in my house.  I picked up another gallon of the same light gray and painted the walls and immediately loved it again.  But now the color scheme didn't work.  So the greens/browns went away and I brought in purple/navy/chartreuse.  And homemade artwork.  And add'l furniture.  I wanted bright.  I wanted fun.  I wanted colors that weren't already in the house.  This is how it currently stands.

And now I don't like it.  I don't like the colors.  I don't like the homemade artwork.  I don't like it being a collect all for discarded vases, candles, laptops. etc.  I don't like the cheap lamps.  I don't like bright and fun.  I mean, HELLO- have you met me?  I'm moody, drays, blues, clouds, thunderstorms.  I'm not bright or fun at all.

This going around- I want something sophisticated.  I want glam but not chintzy.  I want real, professional artwork.  Not something I made with craft paint and blue tape.  I want a plush rug, not a cheap $21 Ikea rug.  I want it to look like a grown up room and not one I've DIY'ed.  Multiple times.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I LOVE ME SOME DIY.  Obviously.  But sometimes I just want to spend money and have it look nice and not like it's cheap and thrown together.  I want it to look adult.  Not teenager.  I want it to look designer.  I want it to show my growth in taste and in skill in interior decorating.

I finally achieved the look I want with the gray and green spare room.  I want to do this now with the upstairs living room.  The couches will stay.  The bookcases will 99% be likely to stay.  The end tables will 99% likely stay.  I'm OK with not having the leather storage ottoman, TV stand, lamps, desk, and rug in the room.  I think I want the curtains and chaise to stay.  But they don't HAVE to if I find something else I like.  The chaise I spent a lot of time re-upholstering.  But the chaise itself cost me under $50 and it's not quality at all.

With the new changes, I don't want this room to just look like I slapped on a new coat of paint and changed out the artwork.  Which is all I'm probably going to do.  But I don't want it to LOOK that way.  Cuz I won't be happy with that result.  It needs to be drastic enough that it looks like a new room, but not with the cost of a whole new room, if you know what I mean.

So I've spent the last couple of months trying to come up with a color scheme that goes with navy blue, but that I haven't already used in my house.  As a reminder, my room colors are:

  • almost the entire downstairs is some form of taupe, brown, aqua, teal
  • the front spare room- light gray and yellow
  • the back spare room- dark gray and green
  • the hall bathroom- light gray, magenta, purple
  • the hallway- light gray, magenta
  • master bedroom- dark gray, aqua
I don't know the color scheme yet.  I can't pick out artwork for the life of me.  Seriously though- picking artwork is HARD!  First of all, legit, professional art is expensive so you've got to make sure it's something you are going to LOVE.  For a long time.  I change my outfits 6 times before I walk out the door in the morning.  That shows you how indecisive I am.  Trying to find something I'm going to love forever?  Jesus- that's asking a LOT of me.  I also want something that's personal to me.  Something that has meaning.  I have an idea.  And it's actually going to be DIY but I don't want it to look DIY so there are plans for that as well.  But help me people.  What are your thoughts on color scheme?  What kind of artwork do you think would be personal to me?  Which direction do you think I should go?  HELP!!!!

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  1. What KIND of artwork are you most drawn to? What color makes you smile? If we knew the answers to THOSE questions, we might be able to help.


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