Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hence, the reason for the name.....

Yes- the title "Girl with the Pink Toolbelt" is me- I own a pink toolbelt.  I actually MADE my pink toolbelt.  That's how badass I am.  This blog is really going to be about me and my house and redoing everything and anything inside of it!  

I know, I know, I know- I've been seriously slacking on the house updates.  It's cold outside people.  My ass barely gets off the couch with my plush faux fur blanket wrapped around me.  There's no WAY I'm going out in the garage to start projects!!  I do have plenty of finished projects though so for those of you who keep harassing me (yes- I'm about to take restraining orders out on some of you).  Here are some photos to keep you updated on my blood, sweat, and tears  house throughout the past year and a half.  Some of these will be combination projects or finalized rooms- I figured you don't need to see the same 10 pictures over and over with just a vase added here or different hand towels.  You might also see some projects that are in the room now but aren't started yet.  It's just that I am seriously out of room in my garage which Wendy and Jon will attest to- and I had to find a place to put them.  I won't go into detail on the furniture projects since I'll be doing stories on them once I start each piece.  But I'll at least let you know what's going to be different the next time you see the pictures.  Oh and I have another buy that I'll be getting this week for $60 (I know!! Just wait til you see it!!!).  It's just that I have to put Wendy's life in danger again to get it and she's still recovering from our last Craigslist adventure.  OMG- that's a whole story in and of itself.  Let's just say it involves butcher knives, bottles of perfume and cell phones set to 911.  That's just how we roll people. 

Living Room:



What DIDN'T I do in here?  Painted cabinets, took out the brass boob lights that aren't in this picture and installed new lighting, did beadboard on the outside of the cabinets, etc etc etc.



Project 17 not completed- dining room set.  $80 for the entire thing.  Chairs going antique white and table getting sanded and stained espresso brown.  Changed out UGLY brass lighting. 

Spare Room 1:

Lots still to do in this room.  Needed: velvet gray curtains.  Let me know if you find them anywhere!  Bed is currently brown leather- will be re-fabricing it to gray velvet and heightening (woah did I just make up a word?) the headboard.  Making the sister artwork to this one that says "Freak out and throw stuff" and both will go above the headboard.  Currently have the dresser and night stands for this room- those will be going a SPECIAL color- it's secretive for the time being!  Bedding not staying.  Room is gray if you can't tell that. 

Spare Room 2:

This bedding isn't staying either.  I just have been lazy and haven't put the duvet on that I bought for this room.  But I have a house guest this weekend so I better get moving!

Upstairs Living/Office:

Clearly there are still some "works in progress" in here.  That TV has been on the floor since day one.  Just haven't found the right piece to put it on yet.  Room is called French Gray Linen but its actually a light green.  Go figure. 

No Befores- so here are Afters

Cabinets were originally oak and I painted them dark brown.  Top pic is of the hallway bathroom and bottom is of the master bath. 

I'm also thinking that I'm going to rip off the carpet on the stairs and stain the treads, railing and spindles a dark espresso color and paint the kick boards white.  Hopefully the builders put treads under the carpet or that'll be a pisser.  This is probably something that I can do now since it's too cold in the garage to paint anything.  Maybe I could buy a heater for the garage and then I could refurnish furniture year round???  I do have plenty of gift cards to Home Depot and Lowe's- although mama needs a new pair of shoes her orbital sander desperately.  She's so pretty- all teal and orange and full of promise.  She has no idea what she's getting in to when she hops off the shelf into my cart.  Bwahhh hahahaah!!!

The floors eventually will be dark espresso hardwood or bamboo throughout the lower level minus the laundry which will go slate tile.  The upstairs master bath will have the same wood flooring as downstairs- as I will be redoing the shower stall and bath surround with slate tile and a new paint color (depending on the tile color- I'm thinking a deep grayish blue or maybe even a dull teal.  Something that is very saturated but muted in color).  The guest bath will just get new slate flooring. 

This OF COURSE is my dream wish list.  It'll take a couple of  years, a couple more visits from my personal construction worker that I have on payroll (shout out to my fabulous Dad!!) and a couple more nights hooking on the streets for more money in my bank account before I can afford all this.  As for my Dad,  I only need to provide him a bed and lots of carrot cake and he's here!  Poor guy has no idea what he's getting in to when he casually says "Make a list for me."  Little does her know that his daughter dreams BIG.

Well I guess since I've put it in writing- I'm off to Lowe's to get the supplies for the stairs.  Looks like I have a weekend project!  Yippie!


  1. Whoa whoa whoa...what the heck is up with these room names... "SPARE" room???

    How about "Lauren's Guest Room if she ever gets fired and has to move out of her apartment"

    Tee hee hee just kidding

  2. Hey I found your blog! The house looks beautiful!


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