Saturday, February 5, 2011

Well, Hello

I'm going to take you on a hilarious journey- of my life.  I'm a single, 30ish female who is looking for the same things all single, 30ish females are looking for.... hot sex finding love with a sexy, tall, dark, muscular, and funny man, lots of money in my bank account, less weight on the scale, and throwing fabulous house parties.  Well, actually the last one might just be me.  My life lately has been completely flipped upside down.  Three years ago I moved to Indiana from Florida (yes, I know.... I'm certifiably crazy), I built a house one year ago (well- not so much me and more like a flock of not-so-hot construction workers) and two weeks ago quit my job and started a new one.  In between all of that, I've been drinking LOTS of wine, spending LOTS of money on projects in my house and sleeping VERY little. 

So follow along with me when I go on blind dates (desperate, party of one!), refurbish old furniture, partake in fabulously fun workouts with my dear friend Wendy (more about her later), and enjoy my house with friends (designated drinker  hostess).  I'm sure that I will make you giggle at least once.  If not, you are dead inside.

Update:  Oh and just so you know- I love to swear.  Like really REALLY love to swear.

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