Sunday, November 27, 2011

Attempt At Christmas Wreath #2

Well this one came out a little bit more successful than the last one  seen here but I wouldn't say that I'm in luuuuuuuurv with it.

I got home from a LONG ass work week this afternoon and called up Miss Wendy to be my shopping buddy.  I stopped first at Goodwill in search of a XXL men's cable knit sweater which they had ONE and I snatched that bitch up before the smelly lady next to me could!  It cost all of $4.59- breaking the bank here people.  Although I did feel bad that some Blob of a man might be shivering with his cold man boobs this winter because I took the one and only and planned on cutting it to pieces.  I then went over to Wendy's house to pick her up.  We headed over to Michael's and Bed Bath and Beyond where I had an idea in mind for my newest Christmas wreath.  I found some supplies all at 50% off (thank you Michael and your wonderful store full of crafty things).

Our first stop was BBB where I picked up a birthday gift from my mother dearest.  But more on that later. Then next door to Michael's we went where I grabbed some poinsetta's and sparkly ribbon.  After that we headed over to Lowe's for another foam pipe covering and some browsing.

I made sure before I left that I DVR'd the Patriots game since I knew that we'd take more than an hour.  THANK GOD I did because I didn't get home until about 5pm.  I popped in some appetizers and turned on the game- totally forgetting about the wreath until after the game.  I had some much needed beer and football time.

And wouldn't you know that since the game was SUCH a blow out- they turned off the Pats game to go to a much less entertaining one.  PISS ME OFF.  Fuckers.  But oh well.  I started on the project since I now had an extra 30 minutes that I wasn't going to be checking out Rob Gronkowski's tight ass.  I mean tight end.

Here is what I started out with.

And after some stunning with my hot glue gunning, here's what he looks like now.

Like I said- I'm not in love with it.  But at least it fits in between the two doors.  HAH.  For around $10 it'll do for now.  Or until after the holiday with all of the decorations are 70% off.  Oooooh did I just give out my secret on how I shop for decorations?  Speaking of- I have a bunch of new stuff from last year's after Xmas sale that I need to put out.  Guess I will need to put away all of my pretty fall stuff.  Boo.  I wish it could stay fall all year round.  Well- fall and summer.

Well this week we have a HUGE football game at my stadium that is going to keep me PLENTY busy.  I can't wait for it to be over with.  But in honor of some of my favorite people I will be wearing green on Saturday to show my support for their team.  And since one of them will be in Ghana (rhia) and won't be able to watch the game, I'll do the cheering on her behalf.  Gooooo Spartans!

Oh and I apologize Melissa- that joke will never get old.  At least to me!


  1. wth...i just wanted to edit, not delete. sigh. i feel honored that me and my team were mentioned in your blog! :) GO GREEN!! and, i think i would like your wreath more if it was round - i like the concept, but it seems to have pointy parts.

  2. Ya I couldn't get this one to go round. I guess that's what you get when you go cheap and get a pipe cover rather than spend the $8 and get a wreath form. Lesson learned. 0-2 on wreaths so far. :)

  3. My comment when they switched the game... "Kristi's gonna be pissed". Hahah


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