Sunday, April 22, 2012

Don't You Just Love A Bargain?

Why does it always seem like the weekend just FLIES BY but the work week just drags the fuck on and on?  It never fails.  I usually have a to-do list a mile long and only get through half of it because the time just gets away from me.  Well- it also doesn't help that I literally spent all of Saturday either in bed or on the couch.  And I'm totally serious when I say that.  Like- I think I got up twice- and I made the most of them- multitasking as it's finest.  Both were to get something to eat, drink and then go potty.  Probably burned a whopping 4 calories on those excursions.   I'm one sexy beast I tell you.

Anyway- on Friday Miss Wendy and I met up with Miss Kim for dinner and then headed over to The Christmas Tree Shops where I got some serious deals.  Don't you just LOVE a bargain?  - I like going there to get holiday decorations because let's face it- they are super cheap while still being cute and I hate holidays so what's the point in spending a ton of money on decorations?

I picked up a cute Easter wreath for $1.49.

Then I grabbed two cute St. Patty's day things to hang on my door.  One was $.42 and one was $.50.  I kid you not.  Gotta love 70% off.

But the best thing about the shopping trip was that I found some artwork for my newly redone upstairs hall  bathroom!  Awwww sookie sookie!!! It was $19.99 which for the canvas alone it would have cost me more money to buy a blank one.  This room was originally green with a tan shower curtain and tan bath rugs.

Wow how boring could that have been?  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Since those photos were taken I installed a frame around the mirror to match the cabinet and changed out the light fixture.  Last week I painted the room gray which was a MUCH needed change.  I found a gray shower curtain and hooks on clearance at Target for less than $20 for the two.  And earlier this week I picked up some new towels to replace the tan/green/cream ones that are above.  I got them at TJ Maxx for about $11.  Anywhoo..... this is what it looks like now!!

The artwork has this three dimensional thing going on which you can see in the second picture.  I love it!  I'm actually shocked at how close the towels are to matching it.  I had thought that I would need to go out and look for new ones because I remembered then being more purple but when I got the artwork in the room and held it up to the towels, that color is in the picture as the colors darkens on the flower.

My last score was another wreath for all of our USA holidays- 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc.  I've been wanting to get an America flag but I really don't have anywhere to hang it on the front of my house.  So my next thought was to go for a wreath.  I had found a really cute one on Pinterest that I was going to DIY.  But I really like the look of this one. It was $9.99 but again- way cheaper than going and getting a wreath form at Michael's and then all of the additional decorative stuff to make it patriotic.

Did you all purchase anything cool and cheap this weekend?   Or redecorate any rooms in your house?  Did you change something from blah and boring to something with a burst of color?

OK off to watch My Week With Marilyn and eat some chips with guac.   Yummy!!

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