Thursday, April 12, 2012

Enjoyed A Nice Weekend with Friends

On Saturday we went over to the park to do our 11 mile run. It was nice and cool- perfect weather for a run and there were a ton of people out enjoying it. This park is really nice and has a mile track going around it that is labeled every tenth of a mile as well as quarter and three quarter mile markers.  Running this track is SO MUCH BETTER than being a hamster on the treadmill, that's for damn sure.  

You know how there are just some days where you don’t feel like doing something? Well, Saturday was my day of feeling like I didn’t want to run.  At.  All.  Like I’ve mentioned before I’m really into running and actually enjoy it. But I enjoy about 3 miles of it. Asking me to do more than that fucking sucks balls is not fun. Training for this half marathon hasn’t been that bad though. It’s nice having someone to train with and it’s also nice to get daily exercise. But I’m about over it. Seriously. This race can’t come fast enough. Miss Wendy was getting a cramp in her side and I was bored so we decided that we were done after mile 5.

I had actually decided on Friday to host an impromptu Easter dinner so I still needed to pick up a bunch of food and needed to do some shopping and then I had to get home and clean my house because I had shit all over the place. Contrary to what might get portrayed in photos on my blog, my house isn’t always “ready for company.” It’s not usually too bad, I just am seriously lazy with dishes. They get piled up all over the place throughout the week and then I have to do between 2-3 loads in the dishwasher on the weekends because of it. I also tend to drop my mail and other random paperwork all over the kitchen counters. The rest of the house is typically spotless though. Case in point:

Just keepin it real.  I'm pretty sure you've also gotten pictures of my bras all over the floor and a box of tampons before. That's life.  

After fixing the walls behind the light fixtures, I had drywall and spackle dust, paint cans and supplies and random tools everywhere. I literally tripped over my step stool 28 times on my way from the couch to the bathroom to the fridge. So I really couldn’t stomach spending another hour running when I had all of this stuff to do.

I headed to Target to look for placemats (which they had crap) and ended up finding a lot of their bathroom stuff on clearance. Since I was painting the upstairs bathroom gray, the tan shower curtain that was in there wasn’t going to work for me any longer. They had a couple of cute white and gray printed curtains but I wasn’t gaga over them. There were some white frilly ones that were SO NOT ME. And then I found a cool plain gray one that did the trick. And it was marked down to $14.98. Score! Then I picked up some new rings that were also on clearance for $5.24 since my old ones were ceramic flowers (hey- they matched the tan curtain and were clearanced out when I needed them 8 years ago-don’t judge!). Then I headed over to Pier1 as well as TJ Maxx and couldn’t find any sort of decent looking placemats. So I said fuck it. My friends were going to just have to deal with a bare table.

Then I went back home and started cleaning the house. I literally had tracked drywall dust all over the house so not only was I having to do regular cleaning I also had to bust out the mop to get that shit up. Mama was not happy about that.  It took quite a few hours but I got ‘er done. And just in time to hop in the shower and head over to Wendy and Jon’s for a cook out. Can I just say how much I love the warm weather? I love grilling out and sitting outside and dining al fresco. I can’t wait to get my patio done in my back yard so that I can do it more often. Although it’s nice not having to be the one doing the grilling so I’ll take getting invited to go over to their house for it!! Our friends Steve and Judy met us over there and we got to cooking. Or I got to watching Jon cook while I drank a beer. He grilled blackened Cajun mahi mahi, corn on the cob, asparagus and also cooked some rice with mushrooms. And it was delicious. While we were chillin outside Wendy broke out the frozen drinks which were delicious. She had picked them up a couple weeks back at Wal-Mart for a buck something each. Judy really like them so we decided that we wanted to go get some more since our state is absolutely archaic and doesn’t sell booze on Sunday.  Fucking ridiculous.  We headed out for some more and also decided that we were going to get some firewood and chill out by the fire for a couple hours drinking some beers and frozen fruitiness. After going literally all over town trying to find fire wood we got back home to a yummy pie being taken out of the oven and headed outside. We literally just got comfortable and were served steaming hot pie when it started to rain out. Mutha fucka. Seriously? So inside we went. Ugh.

I ended up leaving shortly after that knowing that I needed to get up early since I wanted to get the bathroom painted before I needed to start cooking. I set my alarm for 8:30am and crawled into bed. I finally got up around 10am after snoozing the shit out of my alarm. FAIL.  Guess I wasn’t getting the bathroom done. Oh well. I headed downstairs and pulled up some recipes for side dishes and headed over to the grocery store to pick up some stuff.

Everyone arrived around 2pm and we ate about an hour later and it was delicious.  I literally have so much leftovers in my fridge that I’ve been eating ham every day since then- lunch and dinner. My friend Kim hasn’t seen the master bathroom makeover because she’s been too busy getting robbed in France (yes, poor girl- literally had everything stolen from her in France while she was there for work) for the last few weeks. Asshole Frenchies.  So I brought them upstairs to show off the lights, the newly painted game room and my master bathroom. While we were up there Wendy and Jon came over after having had their dinner with family just in time for some dessert.

We headed outside to my screened porch and chilled out for a few hours. Around 8pm everyone got ready to leave and the nice boys helped me remove the glass from the patio table that is in my garage compliments of the awesome Wendy and Jon. Now with the glass out I can wipe it down and decide if I want to paint it. It’s currently black. Not sure what color I might make it.  Bwahahahaha.  Fingers crossed that this weekend is nice weather so that I can drag it outside and get it done so I can bring it around the back and set it up!

Here's a random photo of my flowers that I cut from my ghetto garden  Aren't they pretty?  They look more like peonies than tulips.  But I love them!  Hoping to get more this fall.  

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