Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Little Bit of Sparkly In My Life

OK so I need your opinions.  I'm about to re-do a chandelier that I just happen to have on hand.  There are only a few spots in my house that it can actually go and I don't actually think that I can hang it in the garage like I'd like to for fear of scaring off all potential men forever.  Nothing screams man-cave like a sparkly chandelier.

So this is where you come in to play.  I have 4 spots to choose from:  1) my master bedroom closet- which seems ideal but it would have to hang high in order to open and close the door, 2) my "other" master closet that I do not use and would be the potential husbands closet that now houses not used yet home decor, 3) entryway just inside my front door- which would again have to hang high to clear the door and 4) at the top of the stairs in front of the hall bathroom.  All of the places are pictured below.

 {my master closet}

 {spare master closet}

 {entryway just inside the front door}

{top of stairs outside of hallway bathroom}

As you can see all of these areas already have fabulous lighting.  Gag.  I mean, who doesn't love a boob light? Or builder grade globes?

So what do you think?  The color that the chandelier is going to be depends on the location.  Let me know!


  1. My vote is for hallway or entryway...if you are going to have something sparkly and pretty, why hide it in a closet :)...Karey


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