Thursday, May 17, 2012

Landscaping Part 3,427

Got some updates.  My body hurts.  My ass is bruised.  My thighs ache.  But that's not really an update is it?  Here are some visual updates.

{wayyyyyyy before}



{wayyyyyyy before}



Can I just tell you that this side of the house is a BITCH!  The grass took forever to dig up.  The ground is clay.  It is not cooperating with my easy peasy way of doing things.  I had to alter my landscaping design (what- you don't make drawings to scale for everything like I do???) because the asshole builders dumped their leftover concrete over here so I spend time digging up a hole only to find that a foot down it's solid rock.  Fuckers.  So now instead of the purple bush being separate and the landscaping design being based on three lilac pushes, I now have to include it.  I'm basically pretending that the purple bush actually IS a lilac bush.  Please don't tell me otherwise.  I have this thing.  Some call it OCD.  I call it "I like my stuff symmetrical and balanced."  Don't judge.  Or I'll cut you.  If I could lift my arms.    Time for a beer.

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