Monday, June 25, 2012

What's Up, Hook(ers)!!!!

There will be no mention of gardens, flowers, or bushes in this post.  Say whaaaaaaaat?  It's really going to take a LOT for me to hold back because I've got some new ones and planted a few since the last post.  BUT- I pinky swear.  I will not mention them again.  If I do, you can bend me over your knee and slap my butt.  Wait- that's a totally different post. 

So I've been lacking in the home projects for quite some time as you might have been able to tell.  I'm seriously itching to find something to paint or demo or sand or stain.  I've literally found at least 4 pieces on that list by Craig and they've fallen through.  Whomp whomp.  Very disappointing but it is what it is.  When the right piece comes to me I will be able to love it all the more.  But for the time being it's seriously pissing me the fuck off.

While I've been lacking in finding the right pieces for the house, I've also spent a lot of time out of the house since it's been such nice weather.  We have literally every weekend been having bbq's or get togethers at friends houses.  It's been really nice to sit outside and just chill the fuck out.  And in all honesty it's times like these that I'll remember much more than the 8 hours I spent in my garage sanding a piece of furniture.  I can do that in the winter when no one wants to come out and play.  My friends here are awesome.  We always have such a great time with each other. This past weekend I was home for like 4 hours it felt like.  Which is a good thing.  If we weren't out shopping and walking around- we were going out to dinner or chilling on a patio.    

Anyway- back to projects.  The other day after work I stopped at Lowe's to pick up some things that shall not be mentioned and headed inside for a rain gutter extension.  While I was there I also went to price out pegboard.  Since my garage is fixed AFTER A DAMN YEAR!!!! and re-drywalled I can FINALLY start getting my tools organized and out of my pantry.   They had 4 X 4 pieces already cut for like $8 so I tossed one on top of my cart.  And yes, I was that asshole knocking things all over the place going down the aisles because my cart was now 4 feet wide.  Whatever.  Maybe they shouldn't have that shit in the back corner of the store.  Or maybe I should have gotten a stand up cart for it.  My bad.  I found it entertaining.  I'm sure the guys watching the security camera were seeing the twinkle in my eyes when I whizzed down an aisle with boxes of things in the way.    Hit it or don't hit it?  POW!  20 POINTS!!  Score, bitches!

Well today I decided to hang it.  I was going to spray paint it- which I still just might do that, we'll see- but I was more interested in just attaching it to the wall.  Here is where it was going to go.  Just inside the 4 ft bump out.  

{I apologize for the shitty lighting}

I marked off 42 inches from the floor so that I can eventually build a table to put underneath the pegboard.  Then I lifted the board while holding a level and pencil in the other hand up to the 42in mark.  Multi-talented bitches!!  Once I had it where I wanted it, I marked off the bottom two holes- making sure that they lined up with studs in the wall.  I pre-drilled through the holes and then lifted the board again to make sure that they lined up.  Which they did- SWEET!   

I then took a nut to the back of the board and from the front put the bolt through the board and the nut and into the hole.  Then with my handy dandy new drill bit was able to get the bolts screwed in very easily rather than hand cranking them.  Another SWEET!  Putting the nut behind the board allows for some space between the garage wall and the board to be able to put the hooks through.  Frickin genius.  I actually felt smarter than the guy at Lowe's when I asked him to show me his the nuts and he just wasn't getting what I was saying.  Moron.  Anywhooooo.... After I got the bottom two bolts in I pre-drilled two holes at the top and did the same thing with the bolts.  And then put an additional two at the top and bottom of the right end.  

And it might just annoy the shit out of me because they are not evenly placed on the board.  But I will just have to live with it.  I had literally purchased two boxes of hooks over a year ago for this project.  They have been in my garage ever since.  

{photo taken AFTER wiping off an inch of dust}

Then I got to hookin.  Not in the prostitutish way.  But in the "let's make this pegboard less peggy and more pretty" way.  So here it is with a few installed.  

Clearly they won't be this organized once I start using it and hanging more tools.  But the OCD in me wanted it to look nice for it's glamour shots.  Work it!  Work it!  Beautiful!  Although I couldn't wait to start hanging my tools up.  So inside I went to get them!!!  I was actually so excited to hang them that I just started grabbing things without looking at what they were and sliced a nice hunk of skin off my finger.  I didn't realize it until I was back outside and saw blood running down my hand.  What the.....?????   So after I ran upstairs for a bandaid...Ridiculous....I came back down to get to hanging.  And here is the after shot.  Obviously this will always be a work in progress especially as I get more tools and don't have to use duck and electrical tape to be place holders.  But I'm fairly impressed with myself.  

Now just picture it with a work bench underneath it.  So adorbs!  I mean manly.  Argh! Argh! Argh!!  (Did you get my Home Improvement reference there?).  Guess I need to go get some wood (that's what she said) and find some plans online to make me one of those!  I'm sensing a new project coming on!

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