Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gearing Up For The Holidays!

So can we just talk about how excited I am to get back home for the holiday?  I don't know what I'm looking forward to more- seeing my family and friends or eating Chee's for an entire week straight! It's probably Chee's but we'll pretend for the F & F reading this!  But it's really Chee's.

I've gotten a little into the Christmas cheer this year.  Shocking since I'm Team Scrooge.  I made another cute wreath for my door.  I got the makings last year after Christmas in MA when my mom and I did a little after holiday shopping.  We headed out to Michael's where everything was 75-80% off.  This started out as a plain pine cone wreath and I added some teal poinsettia's for a little sum sum.

And a super quick 4 minutes later I had this:

Then I added a little holiday decor to my bombe dresser, dining table and living room.

Totally went all out, didn't I?  But I guess since I hate all things Christmas, this is a stretch for me.  Pushing the boundaries, people.  Watch out.

I even got on the gift train and made some homemade presents for some friends and co-workers.  I've been seeing all these mason jar gifts filled with random shit all over Pinterest.  So I decided to do some of my own.  I had intended to do the makings of hot chocolate with some marshmallows on top.  But once I got into the baking aisle- it. was. on.

Walmart sells brand name jars but I found their brand for cheaper and I actually liked them better since they didn't have any logos on them.  They come in a box of 12 so be prepared to make a lot of homemade shit if you get them.  They also have in their holiday gift giving aisle clear bags and name tags.  So what started out as this:

Turned into this:

Which turned into this:

Suuuuuuuuuper cute right?  I picked up some fudge brownie mix, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies to switch it up a little bit and to give people some options.  Cuz you know- some people don't like chocolate.  Freaks.  Who doesn't like chocolate?  Oh wait..... me.  Sugar cookies for ME!!!!  Oh, and if you are reading this and I'm seeing you Thursday night- sorry to spoil part of your gift!!  Just pretend to be shocked when you get it.

But the best gift is one that is getting shipped out tomorrow.  Miss Beth is going to LOVE it!!  I'm just sayin.  I'm kind of biased.  BUT- since she reads this damn blog of mine I can't put it on here until I know that she's received it so as not to spoil it for her.  I find it to be hilarious.  And it takes a lot to offend her.  So between the two of those things I'm thinking it's going to be an awesome gift. When you have to text someone to ask them if they get offended with the word CUNT- you know it's going to be great.

You all doing any homemade gifts this holiday season?  For those of you in NA let me know your plans.  My day planner is filling up fast!  Would love to see you while I'm home.  Except for you.  Definitely don't want to see you.

Oh one last thing.  The office went out to lunch yesterday to the Colts Grille.  Yuck.  Food was good though.  Anyhoo- there are a lot of glass door dividers inside of the restaurant.  So we're all sitting there getting are grub on and this waiter across the room starts walking towards me and SMACK right into one of the glass doors.  I fucking laughed so hard at him.  Everyone at the table stopped to look at me because I was laughing like a crazy person at what seemed to be nothing.  The poor guy totally saw me laughing at him too. After he found the slider that was open he walked over to me with his finger to his mouth- like telling em to shhhhh while winking at me.  Ummm yea I don't shoosh.  There was much pointing at him going on and telling everyone at the table what he had just done.  Very loudly.  He probably went straight to the kitchen to spit in my food.  And I'm pretty sure he left a forehead print.  Hilarious.  Almost made up for the fact that I was forced to eat at the COLTS Grille.  And they were replaying the awful Patriots and 49ers game. I wasn't just crying from laughing.

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