Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas You Filthy Animals!!

Well my friend Lauren and I made the trek back to New England on Thursday night.  We left after work and drove straight through like we have the past 3 years.  This trip didn't feel like it took too long but it was about 15 hours from Indy to CT.  By the time I was dropped off on the side of the road in Hartford, my ass needed a break.  Imagine me sitting still for 15 hours straight.  Oh. My.  LORD!  It wasn't too bad though as we chatted away and caught up since we hadn't seen each other all month.

At one stop about 2 or 3 in the morning we pulled into a gas station to fill up and use the facilities and there were about 5 cops sitting around a table having coffee.  Lauren called her mom to let her know we had stopped and she asked her where we were.  Since Lauren didn't know she asked me- like I hadn't just gotten out of the same car as her.  All I knew was that we were in a gas station at that point.  I could barely keep my eyes open on the road- never mind paying attention to it at the same time.  That's a lot to ask someone.  Seriously.

Anyway- the cops heard us and let us know what small town we were in.  So after she got off the phone and we got some drinks the cops called us over.  One asked us so politely "What college you girls driving home from?"  Awwww shucks, Mr. Policeman.  Bless your heart.  You are WAY too kind.  As I held back a very obnoxious laugh, Lauren informed them that weren't coming from college- even though we DO look 21 still.  But driving from IN to CT.  One cop looked us up and down like he didn't believe we weren't college age anymore.  Now no one can make fun of me for wearing stretchy pants in public if I'm going to get compliments like that!

But we finally made it around 10am which got me to NA sometime after 1ish after a pit stop to the mall.  And it wasn't even for me!!  My Uncle wanted to go in to look at a TV   I was mortified.  I told him that he needed to let me stop and change as I was seriously still wearing the same make-up as the day before, hadn't brushed my teeth and matted ponytail hair and was wearing sweats.  Now I probably would have fit in just fine with the other customers there but I just KNEW I'd run into someone I knew looking like a hot mess.  So he obliged.  Thank god.  It's one thing to actually look like a hot mess normally but to go home and have someone from high school see me like that- I don't think so.  It'd be all over town in a minute with photo proof that I look like shit.  Only I can judge others- not the other way around!

I'm really excited that I get a few days home with family and have time to relax.  I can't wait to hang with awesome friends that I haven't seen since last year and have some fantastic food at some of my favorite restaurants.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate if Christmas isn't your thing.  That you get to spend time with loved ones and make wonderful memories together.  Cheers to a New Year full of health, success and new experiences. Maybe this year is the year to stick to your New Year's resolutions.  I know my fat ass is going to be not so fat anymore (even though it looks DAMN GOOD in yoga pants- clearly!!) and I'm going to focus more on ME this year.  Maybe I'll even have some awesome sex in 2013!  One can dream right?

So enjoy your time and fingers crossed that Santa brings you everything you asked for.  He better have taken my not so subtle hints on a Gronk jersey and lots of Lowe's gift card.  But for Joel-

MUAH! Love ya bitch!

Here's to another year of sarcasm and not giving a fuck about what others think!!

.................................And to all a goooooooood night!

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