Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Project List For 2013

So I figured making a list of what I'd like to accomplish this year for the house would kick me in the butt to get on the projects that I'd really like to get done rather than jumping from room to room finding random shit to do just to fill time.  Here goes:

  • Install tile back splash in kitchen
    • Have the tile- now just have to learn how to do it and get 'er done!!
  • Remove carpet from stairs and refinish treads and backer boards
    • Hoping that the treads are pine or better so I can sand them down and stain them to match the railings and spindles then paint or do some sort of treatment to the backer boards
  • Find vintage ornate mirror for bathroom
    • If I can find 2 then all the better- but definitely have an idea in mind for the upstairs pink and gray bathroom
  • Install wood/cork flooring in main floor
    • Need to do a lot of research and find a good deal cuz I've got a LOT of square footage downstairs!  And that shit ain't cheap!
  • Find and refinish an antique piece of furniture for TV in living room
    • Looking for a dresser or low sideboard type piece with some intricate detailing on it
  • Build dining room table
    • This will replace the existing table.  Want a square table to seat at least 8 people.  Might do a unique inlay on the top of the table- still undecided
  • Sand and stain key/purse shelf in laundry room
    • This will be easy.  Already have the piece- just need to take it down, sand and restain.  
  • Find mirror/artwork for above the bombe dresser
    • Space is needing something- looks pitifully empty
  • Tile bathroom floors
    • Either with a nice textured expensive looking tile or the new tile that looks like hardwood.  
  • New tile in master bathroom shower and tub surround
    • Currently have builder grade generic white square ceramic tiles.  Awful.  Hideous.  Looking for something with some pizazz.  Yes- I used the word pizazz.  
  • New shower door in master bathroom
    • Have a textured door that is a bitch to clean.  Want a solid clear piece of glass that I also have an idea for a treatment for it
  • Purchase and install new faucets in bathrooms
    • Already have faucets in mind- but they are PRICEY!!  Ouch I can just picture my wallet stabbing me when I go to purchase them.  Thank god for Christmas gift cards!!  Might make the dent a little smaller.
  • Redecorate spare room #2
    • This room is already furnished but I would like to add a pop of color to it and maybe rethink the furniture in the room.  Hmmmm all of the possibilities twirling around in my head.  Currently thinking green.  Bold grass green. 
  • Do something with the screen porch to make it less of a snooze fest.  
    • Might just need some color or bright fabrics added.  Furniture is already out there.  
  • Backyard!!!!
    • Enough said.  Ugh.  Patio, fire pit, fence, patio furniture, etc etc etc.  Yard Crashers- come to my house!!!!  Please I'm begging you!
  • Build some sort of closet organizer.  
    • Get rid of the wire shelves.  Need something for shoes, sweaters, purses and clutches.  Maybe I'll change out the light while I'm in there and possible paint the walls something FUN!

So..... is this enough to keep me busy for the year?!?  Better start saving now because most of these are quite expensive updgrades to the house.  How many do you think I will get done within the year?  What are the odds that I stick to this or do I add in a ridiculous amount of other projects?  

What are your projects for the year?  Any big upgrades that you are planning on doing?  Fingers crossed I'm successful and have lots to cross off when I do a recap of 2013!!!  


  1. You will do a whole ZERO....please you aint handy!

    1. Sounds like you do not know Kristi at all.

  2. Well hopefully you check back to see just how many projects I follow through with on this list. I bet you get proven wrong. Nothing but love, baby.

  3. I know Kristi personally and she is very handy!


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