Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sham WOWZA!!!!

Well I started off the New Year being very productive! If you forget the sleeping until noon part of it.  Whatevs.  Being back in my bed was just too damn amazing and it was too comfortable to get out of.

So do you remember back when I bought my new duvet cover for a steal over Thanksgiving weekend?  And how I needed to purchase some throw pillows to go with it? Reminder of the beautifulness is below.

{not my room- clearly too pristine}

Remember how I wasn't going to pay $25-30 per pillow that came with the set?  Yeah- cheers to being cheap!  Fiscal Cliff my ass.  Just be frugal people.  Seriously.  Well.... I had an epiphany one day perusing the aisles of WalMart.  What?  You don't have epiphanies there?  Just me?

One of the duvets that I was going to make before finding this one was going to be made out of some of their sheets and I remembered the color of one set was VERY similar to the aqua in the duvet I just purchased.  So I headed over to the home section and picked up what I needed.

The duvet cover came with 2 matching king pillow shams.  But what was I to do with my two normal standard pillows that were just covered with my sheet pillowcases?  I can be really lazy and leave them in front of the pretty king pillows- cuz mustard yellow looks way better than those.  Or I try to hide them behind the pretty ones like the ugly stepchildren that they are.  Either way the bed is missing something.  See what I mean.  Ew.  Not cute.

So combine the matchy matchy throw pillows......

 with the ugly sleeping pillows above and bam!!!!

Kinda sorta?  Maybe a little?

Well I plan on getting one of the smaller pillows to go in front of these later on- when they go on-sale.  But for now- two pillow cases for $6 plus a spool of white ribbon and a couple hours of my time sewing my little heart away is well worth the $40 savings.  Oh- one other thing I did- was purchase the bottom fitted sheet for my box springs to coordinate a little bit better.  See it peeking out below?

And for those of you who can't picture the pillows matching the duvet because in the pictures they do stand out a bit much... here's a close up.

Pretty spot on if I do say so myself.  So how's that for a super quick super easy super cheap project?  If only my hardwood floors would be the same!!!  A girl can dream, right?

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