Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Little Bed Swapping

I typed that post title and realized it sounds a lot kinkier than it really is.  Heeeeeeeey boys!  I bet I'll get some pervs searching Google and will come up with that title and they'll be all excited when they click the link only to find out this is a post about change out beds, not the people who are in them.  Sorry to disappoint.  Freaks.  Anyway- on to the bed swapping.

So first thing this morning I tackled taking apart the bed in the back spare room.  This room was the room that I stayed in for the first year + after buying this house.  So it technically was the first room done.  But even though it was "done" it was NOT to my liking.  It was super boring.  I never had a problem falling asleep in this room because it was such a snoozefest.

I keep the doors closed to the two spare bedrooms so that I don't pay to heat or cool them since no one stays in them.  So I didn't really mind at first just how ugly it was.  But since I started adding some pops of bright color into the upstairs it just didn't fit with the rest of the house.  Here are a couple of before photos.

Blah blah and more blah.  As you can tell from the top photo the room is very small and it always felt like the minute you walked into the room the foot board was right there to greet you and take your shins out.  It's not a true sleigh bed but it does have the curve to it so I knew that if I removed the bed I'd gain about10 extra inches of floor space.  

I talked about the spare fabric headboard I had hanging out in the closet.  I had started to recover it with a tan fabric since when I bought it- it was a horrific burgundy color.  I got almost done with that project and decided that I didn't really like it that much so back into the closet it went.  Until a few days ago!

Here it is before I started working on it last weekend.  

After I put the front spare room back together I headed out to JCP to get the new "fabric" for it.  Well, apparently the DIY gods weren't in my favor because they no longer had what I was looking for.  Whomp whomp.  So I decided to try my luck at JoAnn's.  I found a couple bolts there that I liked, but I passed for a couple of reasons.  First, I was still kind of hoping for the first option and second I really wasn't too keen on the $19.99 per yard price tag.  I mean, this is a vacant spare room.  I'm not trying to spend $60-80 on headboard fabric for a room that gets used only a handful of times a year.  Plus I had a $10 coupon at JCP that was going to expire last weekend and I really wanted to use it.  So while I stood in line to pay for the batting for the gray headboard I found the next closest JCP and called to see if they still had what I wanted.  And SCORE!!!! They did!  

So I called up Miss Wendy and we headed on down to Greenwood to pick it up there!  What's even better is that it was on-sale from $32 to $22 plus I had the $10 coupon so I paid $12 for it.  Hells bells!  I love when that happens!  

Once I got back home I immediately starting taking the buttons off the headboard so I could put the new fabric on it.  Here's a couple of shots of the new material.  The photos don't do the colors justice.  It's more of a bright raspberry color than they are showing.  

I'm thinking I might pull the light gray/lavender color out of it and repaint the walls that color.  I like the green but I'm thinking that's more of a curtain color maybe.  Anyway- I had picked up earlier in the day a king duvet on clearance at Target for $10.48 that was just plain white.  This room needs to be lightened up as it always seems so dark in there.  Maybe it's all the dark brown in the room?  HAH.  

I finished recovering the headboard and brought it upstairs, threw on the duvet just to see how it would look and immediately knew I loved it! 

I just laid the new headboard in front of the old one for the visual.  So today I took the bed apart and got one of the extra queen frames out of the closet and put the bed back together.  Then I headed out to Target where I found a set of green sheets for $24 and then to TJ Maxx to get a king down comforter which I scored on clearance for $35.  I had a green comforter already on the bed that I used inside of the duvet covers previously.  But this white cover is kind of see through.  I mean, it was $10.48 so I guess I got what I paid for.  But $46 for both isn't bad at all.  I put the bottom sheet over the box spring and I have plans for the flat sheet so for now it's just hanging out at the foot of the bed.  The pillow cases won't be used but I figured since I didn't have any throw pillows yet I'd used them to break up the white on the bed.  So this is where it's at now.  

See what I mean when I say it's dark in there?  I know- I don't have the lights on but the sun was shining through the window and it's still really dark in there.  Also- see how much more room is there now that the mattress is up against the wall?  There literally is about 10 more inches to walk through the room.  Which may not seem like a lot but in a room this small, it's really needed.  

I still have plans for the actual bed so once I set those in motion I'm going to raise the height of the headboard a little bit.  And as you can see, I didn't tuft the headboard with the new fabric.  So far I think I like the print as is.  I do have leftover fabric if I decide to do that however.  But for now I like it the way it is.  

Since the green sheet laying on the bed won't be staying there, I think the plain white duvet needs something else.  I do plan on getting some throw pillows but I'm also thinking that maybe some different width ribbons in the colors of the headboard sewn across the bottom might give it the something it needs.  We'll see.  I'll wait on that until I have the rest of the room together to see if I want to attempt that.  Now the question is- do I want to paint the furniture?  Decisions decisions.  The two night stands were bought when I was in Florida from the scratch and dent clearance section of the furniture store.  So I probably paid under $100 each.  The tops are all scratched up so it's not like they are in great shape to begin with.  The long dresser opposite the bed I got on major sale about 2 years ago from JCP.  It was very weird how similar in color and shape it was to the night stands.  So I waited for it to go on sale and scooped it up once it did.  So again, the furniture isn't expensive or in great shape.  Maybe a coat of paint is just what they need.  I can totally picture them that raspberry color, can't you?  

So phase 1 is done.  Now on to painting the room and replacing the artwork above the dresser.  Then working on the bed a little bit more to get it where I want it.  This is just the start of transforming this room. 

Hopefully I'll get some more done this week to share with you.  Oh and since I was being so cryptic on the new fabric I'll let you in on a little secret.  It's a fabric shower curtain.  So for a 72 in by 72 in piece of fabric, I paid less that I would have for 3 yards of fabric.  Can't beat that!  Target always has some great fabric shower curtains so if you are looking to recover or make a headboard, think outside of the box for the fabric for it.  You might find something amazing and you'll pay less than $20 for it!  And the size of the shower curtain more than fits a queen headboard since they are roughly 60 inches wide and the curtain is 72 inches.  And your welcome.  I know- I totally just blew your mind.   

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