Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Bed Swapping

So I teased out a picture the other day- did you see it?  Did you make any guesses as to what it was going to end up?  Some of the guesses were pretty hilarious!

Well here is what it turned into.....

I last left the back spare room with phase 1 done- which was recovering the headboard and swapping out the duvet cover to a plain white one. You can read about that HERE. I had intended on painting the room and working on new artwork next. However, I hated the simple metal frame look the moment I took out the wood bed. HATED IT.

{hello college dorm look- ew}

So I got to thinking what I could do to make the bed look nicer while keeping it simple and streamline since the whole point of eliminating the wood bed was to gain space in the room. Because I had literally just recovered the bed rails in the other spare room, I had fabric rails on my mind. So this past Sunday I headed out to Lowe’s to pick up some wood (see above) to build a bed frame. I quickly drew a sketch of what I was thinking, took the measurements and jumped into the car to pick everything up. I swear the staff there knows me by name now. It’s pretty ridiculous. One of the workers came up behind me to ask if I needed help finding anything. As I started to turn around to tell him I was OK, he goes, “Oh hey! It’s you again!” Seriously. No lie. I’m pretty famous in the Aisles de Lowes.

After getting the wood cut to the sizes I needed, I also grabbed 4 wood legs and some L brackets. Then I headed back home to start. It actually didn't take me too long to complete the build- about 3 hours time. This included covering the rails as well. Remember when I said I had plans for the flat green sheet that was left over from the set after I used the fitted sheet for the box spring? Well- I had planned to use it for the fabric rails all along! I’m sneaky like that! Queue photo shoot:

Here is where I left off Sunday night since I hadn't started working on the legs yet and the Oscars were about to start. Mama needed to watch the red carpet and be all judge-y and shit. 

After work Monday I went to Lowe’s again to pick up some more brackets to attach the legs because the original pieces I bought weren’t going to work. Well they would work if I wanted to make it really complicated and add more wood to the frame to attach them to. But I wanted simple. When I got home I stained the legs with my favorite color- dark walnut- and let them dry overnight.

So when I finally got home last night I headed upstairs to attach the legs and put the room back together. Can we just talk about how many times I've picked up a mattress lately? And those bitches aren't light let me tell you. You know how guys are now tossing those huge tires as a workout? I’m going to make mattress flipping my new workout. Then when I pass out I’ll at least land on something comfortable. Here's a shot of the new legs-

Then came time to test out my mad skills- did the box spring fit?  Hmmmmmm...

{Ta Da!!}

The last thing I did was raise the height of the headboard to accommodate for the new height of the mattress. Then I put the duvet back on and took some more glamour shots.  

So- what do you think? Looking a little bit better? I certainly think so! I have this weekend off so I might just be able to knock out painting the room. We will see though. I need to check out some paint colors and then see how they match up with some colors for the furniture. Because I still haven’t convinced myself to not paint the furniture raspberry.  Seriously, someone please tell me painting my furniture pink is a bad idea.  I probably won't listen to you but I'll at least pretend to contemplate it.  

I actually tested out the bed by standing on it.  It still makes me nervous though since I'm no furniture maker by any means.   A few pieces of wood, some screws and a few L brackets does NOT a master make.  Lord help the first person who sleeps on this bed. I hope it doesn't collapse. Wouldn't that be hilarious? I mean, to me it would be. But probably not to the fat ass who broke the bed.   Next up some colorful pillows!  Quick and easy.   

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