Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy 2nd Blogiversary and Other Junk

Hi All!!  So last week marked the 2nd year anniversary of me starting Girl With The Pink Toolbelt.  Crazy how some days it seems like it was just yesterday that I designed the blog and wrote my first post and then other times it seems like I've totally run out of shit to talk about.  Who knows how long I will keep these shenanigans up- could be another year or 10.  I guess as long as you are all still reading I will keep posting!  Believe me, I have plenty of projects coming down the pipeline that I'm sure you are just on the edge of your seats waiting for.  Sarcasm at it's finest there.  I was actually talking to my dad tonight about his ever growing list of things to do when he comes out again (possibly this summer!) so this mama either needs to get a 2nd job to save up some money or I'm going to have to pimp myself out on the weekends.  I'm not a fan of fishnets and pleather.  Just sayin.  One of the two big projects will be either the wood floors in the entire lower levels of the house or the patio in the back yard.  Decisions decisions.

Anyway- onto some really random shit.  You might have seen the Valentine's wreath that I made on Super Bowl Sunday if we are friends on Facebook.  If you already saw this- tough shit.  Suck it up.

I purchased 3 shades of felt form JoAnn's and it was a little under $4 for all 3 colors.

I then wrapped the wreath with strips of the hot pink color to cover the straw up.

I sat watching the game and cutting different sized hearts in each of the colors.  Then made it sort of an ombre effect as the hearts gradually got smaller.

And here she is hanging on the front door.  All pretty in pink!

It's a nice little pop of color when I'm pulling into my driveway since all of the flowers and grass are brown and ugly right now.  Boo.

Something I've been looking to organize for quite some time is my bathroom counter.  I've looked at getting some sort of tray to "contain" all my junk but haven't really found anything that I've liked.  Until I went to Target a while back.  They had a super cute 6 inch glass cake stand on clearance for $6.98.  I hemmed and hawed and ended up walking away from it.  I kept looking elsewhere and just didn't really like the look of the bathroom trays that were out there. I even looked at simple white ceramic rectangle plates to see if something like that would work.  Nope- didn't like it. Looked like I was using a plate- shocking- since it was a plate.  Ugh.

Well I decided one morning that I was going to go back to Target to see if the cake plate was still there.  I honestly had zero confidence that they would still have it since it had been weeks since I'd seen it.  Well- call me shocked- they still had like 10 of them! I might have squealed a tiny bit.  And they were no longer $6.98- it was reduced to $4.98!  Sweet!  Mama loves to save money!  So in the cart it went.

When I got home I headed upstairs to see how it worked.  The below picture is of my counter top actually semi-clean.  There is usually a lot more junk on it.

And here it is with the every day stuff on the new stand.  And yes- I've since removed the clearance sticker.

It really is the little things with me, people.  It doesn't take much to make me happy.  And the blues are ALMOST spot on.  Sorry- it's the matchy matchy in me.

Last- I updated the stairway frame with some more of the flower calendar that I purchased a couple weeks ago.  I decided to go with the pink- for now.  I guess we will see how it goes.  I still have the yellow prints.  So I can always change them out if I think the yellow would look better.  This is the before artwork- with the black and white Ansel Adams prints in them.

And here are a couple of the afters with the new pink prints.

The above pic is why I think they would look better with the yellow prints with the canvas there.  BUT- I'm kind of liking the pink for now.  Who would have ever thought that I'd have pink in my house?  Seriously- I need a man to move in or the entire house will be pink before I know it!  I'm so not girly enough to have pink in my house.  Seriously.

Next up I'm thinking about starting on the new headboards for the spare rooms.  Still working on a color scheme for the back room but since the front room is already mostly done, it's just finding the right fabric for the headboard.  Which I'm realizing is a difficult task for me.  There isn't much out there for fabric stores here and the options at the stores aren't too pretty or current.  It makes me nervous ordering fabric online because what if I don't like it?  ARGH decisions!!!  So any fun projects that you are working on?

Oh and since I don't post a lot of pictures of me- here's one from the other night when I was snowed in from Nemo.  Oh wait..... no I was just inside bored out of my mind.

And before you say- "Wow your hairs loks so pretty curly!  Why don't you curl it more often?"  Let me just say that within 5 minutes- no lie- it was flat and back to full on straight.  So while I may pretend to be a southern belle with my luscious locks all curly and poofy and coiffed and all that saying "y'all" and "bless her heart"- I'm about as far from that as I can possibly be.  So there's that.  But there must be someone out there who likes a feisty straight haired blond girl who can't do anything with her hair if she used an entire bottle of hair spray.  Awww the problems of my first world life.

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