Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mirror Numero Tres

So what started out as a simple mirror swap turned into a complete bathroom makeover.  Cuz no, I can never make anything easy.  Never.

It started out with me looking for a really ornate mirror for my upstairs bathroom.  After searching for about a year to no avail, I finally found something that fit that bathroom more than the idea in my head.  You can read about that mirror by clicking here So literally the day after posting about the purple mirror- I went shopping and guessed it.... my ornate mirror.  Of course I did.  Although it's not as ornate as the one in my head- if that even exists- it is just dainty enough for the powder room downstairs.

Funny story with this mirror.  So I was at Gordman's just looking around when I spotted it.  Well, I went up to the counter to ask if they had any coupons they could offer me and the lady said they weren't running any coupons right now but they were starting a scratch off one on Wed and that the minimum you would get is 15% off.  So I hemmed and hawed about buying the mirror for full price or putting it back and hoping that it was still there on Wed.  Well, I put it back with my fingers and toes crossed that no one would snatch it up in the next two days.  I also might have hid it no where near the rest of the mirrors, behind a stack of about 8 other packages and turned backwards so you only saw the cardboard box it was in.  I mean, I wasn't going to make it easy for someone else to get it.

Well Wednesday after work Miss Wendy and I headed over to see if it was still there and thank god for a store that doesn't go through it's merchandise nightly putting everything back where it belongs- because my mirror was still there!!  Hells to the YEAH!  I may have dropped to my knees and praise sweet baby Jesus right there.

It was priced at $34.99 and when I scratched off my coupon I got just the 15% but I'll take that $5.25 savings any day!  Plus while I was there I picked up a few baskets for my laundry shelves, but that's for another day.  Clearly I wasn't going to keep the mirror black so I also picked up a glossy white spray paint while we were out.

After work on Thursday I started working on it.  Here she is after a few coats.

Just Gorge.  I was in lurv.  I might have petted it right there in my garage.

Once it was dry I held it up in the bathroom to see how it looked and I was SO NOT WOWED.  At.  All.  If you don't have my powder room memorized- it's just a simple pedestal sink with a builder grade rectangle mirror (same as the upstairs bathroom) and a toilet.  Nothing glamorous by any means.  It was painted the same light blue as the laundry room.  Here it is without the mirror.

Clearly this shot shows it's prepped for some paint.  This blue was way too light and the mirror just kind of blended in.  And I wanted it to pop.  So when I headed out yesterday for some outdoor fabric and paint for the screened porch I also picked up a gallon of paint for this room.  Below is an "in progress" picture of the old paint color vs. the new paint color.  It's called Alpine Valley but it will now be referred to as Tiffany Blue cuz it looks exactly like a Tiffany's box.

Here it is all done and with the mirror hung.

I love it!  Now I'm debating on what to do with the leftover paint.  I could totally repaint the laundry room to this color- but then the baskets I just bought wouldn't work. Or..... I have a better idea.... that I'm so not sharing yet.  Bwahahahah!

OK back to working on the screen porch.  Let's just saw it's going to be BRIGHT out there!!!!  This weekend has been pretty productive if I do say so myself!

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