Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mirrors Part Deux

If you think that one mirror post was enough- brace yourself bitches- I've got three!  But for now we'll stick with the 2nd.  I wouldn't want to overwhelm you with my awesome spray painting skills all at once.  Since I had a case of the trigger finger from working on my new aqua mirror-which you can read about by clicking  here
I was super antsy to get the second mirror done and hung up.  Which meant that I'd also need to take down the recently framed mirror first. Which was a bitch.  Needless to say, he's a little broken post removal. Well this one was definitely not the color that I wanted but I just fell in lurv with the shape of it in the store.  I figured that I'd put it in the upstairs bathroom but at least gave it a try in the downstairs powder room.  And that was a no go.  But luckily I just got home with mirror numero tres for that room.  Yippie!

After I tested it out here-

- I knew this was the right spot for it.  So down to the garage I went to tape it up so that no paint got on the mirror and I started on the first coat.

While it was driving- I headed upstairs for mirror removal.  And then I found out the asshole who painted the bathroom gray never painted behind the mirror.  Seriously.  You can't find good help anywhere nowadays.

Whomp whomp.  Maybe next time if I paid a little bit more, the asshole would've finished the job.  Oh- and if you didn't get it- Me = Asshole.  So before I could paint, I needed to remove the brackets that held the old mirror and fill in the holes with spackle.  Easy peasy.

Then then I got down with my bad self the roller and covered up the green.

Just like it was never there!

After a couple more coats of paint- I brought the mirror inside over night and took off the garbage bag/tape contraption.  Mama likes.  Isn't she a beauty?

So tonight when I got home from dinner with Miss Wendy, I ran up the stairs with tools in hands.  Note to all the children reading: 1) Your terrible excuse of parents shouldn't be letting you read this blog and 2) Don't run with tools.  Ever.  That's my PSA of the day.  Now back to the gorgeous mirror- here it is all hung up in it's glory.

Don't you love it too?  See how the flower turns into the aubergine color towards the bottom?  Yeah I did that on purpose.  Cuz I'm awesome like that.

Oh and just to break up the mirror posts- I totally forgot to show you the pillow I made for the recently updated spare bedroom.  I picked up this sequin-y pillow on clearance at Marshalls for like $11.

Didn't matter what it looked like since I was going to recover it.  It was more the shape that I wanted.  So I took the extra fabric from the headboard and sewed up one fabulous pillow cover.

And you'll notice that I actually kept the shower curtain part so that I could use it as a button hole to keep the pillow cover tight.  I'm so damn crafty.  Seriously.  And here it is on the bed.

As you can tell from the picture with the sequin pillow- I had intended to do 2 square pillows with the extra green sheet fabric.  But yeah that hasn't happened yet.  Therefore, the regular bed pillows will stay there until my lazy ass gets that done.  I actually started shortly after I finished this colorful pillow but the material is super silky/clingy/microfibery and it didn't sew very well.  So i was getting super frustrating with my lack of sewing expertise and decided that it might be best for both my sanity and my sewing machine if I just stop and put it back into the closet.  Still planning on doing something with- oh shit!  Totally forgot- I got white curtains on the last Ikea trip.  So the brown ones above and no longer there.  I've got some super cheap white ones.  They still need to be hemmed cuz apparently everyone who lives in Ikealand is like 8 ft tall and has 12 ft ceilings.  But here are my oh-so-pretty new white curtains.

So slowly but surely this room is getting less brown and more light and fluffy.  Really can't wait to get the dresser and nightstands down into the garage and start on painting them!

So who's ready for the next mirror post?????  Get excited people!  It's coming soon!

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  1. I LOVE that patterned fabric. I hope you know I'll be consulting with you for all of my home decor needs when I get around to purchasing one.


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