Sunday, May 22, 2011


It's DONE!!! Done.  Done. DONE!!!!!  Do you know how HAPPY I am about that?  The drawers have been done for quite some time, just sitting by their lonesome on the dining room floor.  But now the actual piece is complete and out of the garage!!

But first let's start with this.  I did my daily "Let's search for some bedroom furniture..... again and be disappointed...... again."  I've literally been doing this song and dance for the last year and a half- maybe more.  But yesterday I found something that I LOVE!!!!  I've been dreaming about a set from Restoration Hardware ( I know I know.  But there are times that I like to pretend that I am rich and could drop THAT kind of money of a bedroom set.... or anything for that matter).  This set would cost me over $7,000 and when you look at it like "I could pay 7 mortgage payments with that."  or "I could buy 14,000 Klondike bars with that."  you start to realize that you can't FATHOM spending that amount of money on furniture.  When I bought my house, my uncle called me to tell me that he was going to buy my bedroom suit for me.  I couldn't find anything else that I liked and about 9 months ago he came out to see my house and we went to every- LITERALLY every- furniture store out there and I found nothing that I liked.

So he left me with a very nice and FULL envelope of cash and told me to purchase the one from Restoration Hardware.  Even with the money, I still couldn't pay that amount.  So I hemmed and I hawed.  And then I hemmed and hawed some more.  Yesterday as I stared longingly at the set through my computer I jumped onto another site just for shits and giggles.  And shockingly- I FOUND SOMETHING!!!

I called up my partner in crime, Miss Wendy and we went up to see it today.  It's gorgeous!  And I bought it!!!  Woo hooo now I won't have to leave my clothes on the floor!  I have BIG GIRL furniture!   YAY me!!  I literally have every other room in my house furnished but my master bedroom.  Now, the house is complete!!  I'm so flippin excited about this furniture, you have no idea.  AND the best news of it all..... it was HALF the price!!!  But still made of solid wood and not the cheap shit that seems to be all the rage lately.  Ew.  It will be delivered next Saturday and I honestly think I'm going to kiss the delivery men the minute I open the door!! (Note to self:  remember to shave on Friday.  Hey- you never know!)

So after we left we came back home to cook dinner.  I made my yummy stuffed chicken breasts (spinach, Borsin cheese, and sun dried tomatoes.... delish!) with wild rice and steamed broccoli.  Jon and Wendy rode their bikes over since it was such a nice day and we chilled a little bit before I roped Jon into some manual labor.  (Hey- I at LEAST fed him first!)  We brought the soon-to-be yellow dresser down to the garage and brought the Bombe dresser inside to the dining room cuz she's FINISHED!!!  And I fucking LOVE IT!

If you don't remember the before- here's your reminder:

Yucky!! Whoever thought that color combo looked good should be shot.  Twice.  And you can barely see them in this picture, but there were also lovely pink flowers painted on the drawers and the sides.  HORRIFIC.  Just a coat of primer did wonders on this piece.  After painting her and putting on her new hardware, here's what she looks like now........drumroll.......

Isn't she a beauty????  Now I just have to get that ugly oak table out and into the garage to sand it and stain it dark brown and the downstairs will be DONE.  Well, except for the floor and the back splash and the.......argh!!  But those things are long time in the future projects.  After the yellow dresser is done and the table is done- I'm done for a little while.  Unless I find another piece for cheapo!  I saw a set the other day (dresser and 2 nightstands) for $60 and I almost got it.  I soooooo could imagine those puppies bright kelly green.  Ahhhhhh lovely.  But I passed.  I'm actually loving all of these projects though.  After I got that first coat of yellow on, I'm all about bright ass colors!  Who knows, maybe I'll make this some sort of side gig.  It's very therapeutic.  It's either that or I smoke crack to get rid of all my tension.  Furniture it is!  And seriously- I'm way too cute to be a crackhead.  To celebrate, I'm going to get a big ol bowl of strawberry ice cream.  Which actually IS my crack.


  1. Love, love, love the dresser!!! I'm on a hunt for a desk and it's a pain!!

  2. Thank you!!! This one has been sitting in my garage since last November. So I'm so happy to finally get it out of there and into the room! And now, maybe I can park my car back into my garage. :) Good luck with your find. Do they have Craigslist there? There's where I've been getting a bunch of things- including this find for $50. Total steal!

  3. They do have Craiglist here, I never thought of checking there for a desk-thx for the tip!


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