Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm A Big Kid Now.

Ohhh.  Emmmm.  Geeee!!!!  I am SO EXCITED!!!!  My big girl furniture arrived today!!!!  YIPPEE!!!!

They called me yesterday saying that they would be here between 11:15am and 1:15pm and I just figured that I'd be the last person to get their delivery so I planned on sitting around ALL DAY.  Me and delivery men don't usually see eye to eye on scheduled times so I didn't have too much confidence in this two hour window.  But I got a call this morning at 10:30am from Tim- one of the very lovely boys on the truck- saying that they'd be there in 45 minutes.  SA- WEEEEEEET!

The two guys were really nice, bringing everything up (and BELIEVE ME- they aren't light pieces at all) and setting up the room to my liking.  I swear, I didn't hover too much.  Although the young one almost got punched in the face twice for calling me ma'am.  Does this (shimmy shimmy shimmy) look like a "ma'am" to you?  I think not.

The room looks soooo good.  I think I've walked in there about 63 times since its been set up.  OK 64 times.  I had to stop typing and go back upstairs to look at it again.  Although I'm hoping at some point within the next 8 hours that I grow 3 inches because that bed is HIGH!!!  I might need a footstool to get up on there.  Although picturing myself running across the room and catapulting myself onto it does sound fun too!

So with no further ado..... here she is!!!!!


Gorgeous, right???  Now I can finally put up some pictures and get accessories into the room.  I have an entire closet full of stuff that I've been waiting on because I didn't know how high to hang them or where to put them.   I can't wait to actually decorate this room now.  Here are some close up and cool features of the pieces- like hidden compartments.

The nightstand has a sliding shelf for you to put your drink on so that you don't get any water rings on the top of it.  

The dresser has drawers on both sides that pull out to reveal jewelry compartments.

The fabric part of the headboard is removable so you can change out the fabric very easily (which I will eventually do since neither the color nor the texture are my kind of thing).  But don't you just LOVE the legs?  The turned legs were a huge part in the decision on what piece I was getting.  I wanted something really ornate but simple.  I didn't just wants pegs or blocks.  These are gorgeous.  They just give each piece a bit more character than what they already had.  LOVE IT.

So a big BIG BIG ENORMOUS thank you to my Uncle Greg!!!!  I really am very thankful for your housewarming gift- that I was FINALLY able to get!!  I bet you never knew that you had such a PICKY niece, did you? HAHA.   I love it!!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!

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  1. Wicked nightstand I've never seen one like it! I need a sliding shelf!!!


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