Sunday, May 29, 2011

Screw You and the Horse You Rode In On

So this post was initially going to be dedicated to the wall art for the front spare room (think yellow nightstands).  However, in the meantime some flippin bullshit just happened that I need to vent about.  BULLSHIT, I tell you.

I showered and got ready to go to the grocery and was looking all cute and shit (hey, you never know who you might see in the produce department.  Melons, anyone?).  I grabbed my purse and was about to go through the laundry room and........ SQUISH!!!!!!!!!  Ummm what the hell was THAT?  I look down and see my laundry room FLOODED.  Ummm excuse me but WHAT THE FUCK?  Ballet flats soaked, jeans soaked, Kristi pissed.  And freaking out a lil bit.  I run upstairs to grab some old towels and run back down and throw them on the floor.  And.... so much for being all cute- now I'm a hot, sweaty, soaking wet mess.  Where is this water coming from?  Well I find the leak- and this is where I go in to panic mode.  And I apologize for no action photos- I went into "get rid of the water" mode and didn't think of grabbing any photos. 

OK.  So see above the towel where the wires are coming out of the tank?  Umm ya, that's where the water was coming from.  Electrical wires + water = No Bueno.

Further evidence that there was a shit ton of water- 6 towels and a soaking wet rug.  Now that I've grabbed a tupperware container (thank you, Chinese food gods for your complimentary containers) and have the water going into that, I call the emergency number on the tank.  Of course I realize its a Sunday.  Of course I realize that it's a holiday weekend.  Of course.....

So apparently they can't help me until "at least Tuesday" and oh by the way, you can't shower, run your dish washer (yay for a sink full of dirty dishes) or do laundry until we can come check it out.  FUN TIMES.  This chickie here is NOT happy.  To say the least.  This house is only a year and a half old.  Seriously?  I get the dud water heater?  Of course I do.  But obviously it could have been a LOT worse.  Like, I could have been gone already and not come back for a few hours.  I could have been on vacation.  And there could have been way more damage than what was done.  Because if I hadn't turned off the tank, it would have just kept running and running...  And thankfully that didn't happen.  And also thankfully, my house is still under warranty.  So this will not cost me a thing.  YAY.  But after further inspection, it looks like its been leaking for a while since the baseboards look like they have a little bit of dry rot on them.

So needless to say, they will also be replacing those as well as the drywall behind it.  Cuz I'm not ABOUT to be living with mold.  And I'm guessing that they don't want to mess with this mama.  So new drywall it will be. 

Anyways- I decided that I needed a little bit of a drink after that so.........

Me and Mr. Prosecco will be having a great rest of the night.  YUM.

And now on to the reason why I was writing the post in the first place.  I have been looking for artwork for the front spare room for quite some time.  When we were at Ikea the last time, I picked up 6 silver frames with a wall collage in mind.  I just needed to find the artwork to go into them.  I knew that I wanted something with a bunch of color so that the yellow furniture didn't look so out of place.  And after searching for a few months, I finally figured out what I was looking for.  So off to B & N I went.  (Thankfully I used the side door OPPOSITE from the Fauxbucks so that no one recognized me).  I found exactly what I was looking for and LITERALLY paid $.53 for it.  Yup you read that right.  It was $9.98 and since I'm a member I got 10% off of that.  Then I had a 15% off coupon and a gift card with $7.63 remaining on it.  The total for the book was....$7.63 plus $.53 tax.  So I literally paid for the tax and that is it.  See- proof below!  Gotta love a steal like that.

I was originally going to do the 6 frames with 3 on top and 3 on bottom so I did all the math work (queue OCD here) to know where to hammer the nails and decided to "test" out what they would look like.  Well.... it didn't work out like I wanted. CRAP.  I'd have to have the top 3 really high up in order to make sure that the bottom 3 weren't too low to the floor.  It didn't look good at all.  So I improvised.  I kept the 3 on the original wall, moved 2 to the wall opposite of the bed and then 1 next to the window opposite the 3.  And if this room weren't so small, I MIGHT have been able to get them all in one photo so that you get what I'm talking about... but..... that didn't happen.  So here goes...

The "two" in each picture are the same two.  (Note to self, get rid of the fan hanging thingies).  The yellow mirror will be hung right where it is but above the dresser (which is ALMOST done!!) so I didn't put any of them on that part of the wall.  I chose magazine covers that all had yellow in them so that they would coordinate with the furniture.   Here are come close ups.

I'm really liking them.  Although I'm not too sure if it's a little too "naked lady" for me.  Wouldn't want people to think I'm Lebanese or anything.  Not that there's anything wrong with being Lebanese.  But I like the boys.  And I like them a LOT.    

So they will stay for the time being as that.  I mean, I only paid 53 cents for crying out loud.  And then if I should find something else that I like, I will replace them.  But I'm just over the black and white nature photos I already have and I'm not really in to flowers.  So my options are quite limited.  But I'm really liking them.  Miss Beth wants to move into that room.  I'll take that as a compliment.

Now after the dresser is done- just have the hardware to put on but I need to get longer screws (no pun intended.  I mean, don't we all need longer screws??)- I just have a chair to re-fabric that will go under the set of 2 frames and building the higher headboard and re-fabric that and the rails.  Then it's DONE!!! Hells to the mutha fuckin YEAH!!!! 


Now I'm going to have glass number 4 of mi bubbly vino.  Have a great night!!  I'm sure that I will have a story or two for you after tomorrows party from Miss Wendy's house!!!

Have a great memorial day!!  I have the cutest outfit for the bbq!  I got some Tommy H boat shoes for $15 bucks today.  Love em!!!

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