Saturday, May 14, 2011

You And Me Baby, We're Stuck Like Glue.

What a week.  Seriously.  I've been a busy lady this week getting some projects done, some started, and figuring out how to use my orbital sander- which I JUST USED!!! Love it!  And boy do I look sexy in some protective glasses.  Just sayin boys!  You are MISSING out.  And I cook.  Seriously missing out. 

Anyways- I was given a garage freezer/fridge last weekend which is so frickin awesome (THANK YOU JUDY!!!!) because I had been wanting one but I wasn't trying to spend $400-$500 on one right now.  My friends got a new one for their house and rather than having the delivery guy take their old one away- they asked me if I wanted it.  HELLS YES I did!!  So there she is- all stainless and pretty and keeping mama's Blue Moon nice and COLD. 

So knowing that I was getting this- I had to move some things around in my garage to make room.  Well that means that I no longer have any room to park in my garage.  My TWO CAR garage.  With my ONE CAR.  Because of all the junk lovely things I have in there right now.  So I decided that I had to get some of the "projects" done and outta there so I could at least park my car again.  For crying out loud.  I'm ridiculous.  

First let's start out with those nightstands that I painted a while back.  They happen to come with a matching dresser and mirror (well not so much matching at first- but they will soon!).  I wasn't going to use the mirror with this set at first and was going to put it in my dining room with the Bombe dresser that is eventually going to go in there.  I primed it this week and before putting the actual paint on it I decided I should measure the place that I want it to go.  Well, good thing I did.  Because while it would fit where I wanted it to, it would also cover a 3 plate light switch- which would NOT be good.  I thought that the yellow nightstands and dresser would be a little TOO BRIGHT to add a HUGE mirror into the room in the same color.  But the nightstands aren't as overpowering as I had thought so I just decided to paint the mirror yellow as well.

Look at me making use of my horsies.  And here she is done and upstairs in the room that she's going in.

It's actually going to go the other way but you get the idea.  Isn't she darling?  I love it!  And do you see one of the nightstands peeking into the picture?  Such an attention getter.  So while I was in the garage priming and painting away, I kept bumping into everything ELSE that is in there.  So annoying.  I decided to start on the Bombe dresser.  I pulled out the drawers and took off their UGLY pulls because those puppies were NOT coming back into the house.  Ew.  I used the wood filler I had to fill the holes created by ugly hardware.  Once those were dry I sanded them and drilled the holes for the new hardware.  Which took me a little bit of time because I am so ridiculously anal.

I was too antsy to wait until the entire project was done to see what the new hardware would look like- so I brought one of the smaller drawers inside and put on of the handles on to see.

God that paint job is horrific.  I don't know why anyone would want a yellow, gold and brown piece of furniture.  And then to paint pink flowers on top of all that ugliness?  Seriously people.  But I love the handles.  And they are going to look sooooooo nice with the new antique white paint on the drawers.  

Once I had all of the new holes drilled I primed and painted the 4 drawers.  This pretty much took up the rest of last weekend and most of this week.  I was finally able to put a clear coat on them on Thursday and brought them into the house to put the hardware on and replace the drawer slides that were all bent up and broken.

I painted the insides except for the bottom of each drawer because I'm going to find some fabric to put in them so when you pull out the drawer you get a little surprise- in a good way.  But don't you love them?  So much better now that they are painted!!!  Now onto the actual dresser.  I used my orbital sander because there are some dings and chipping paint on the piece from the old owner.  After sanding her down I took a little wood filler to some of the cracks.  I need to go buy some wood glue as well because one of the legs is kinda broken and I'll need to fix that before I paint it.  But I put on the first coat of primer just to get a feel for what it'll look like.  So here's the before if you don't remember what it looked like.

Isn't she a beauty?  Gag.  (See what I'm talking about with all that garage crap in the way?  And that's just a SMALL area of the garage)  Now here's what she looks like so far- with just one coat of primer.

Soooooo much better!!!  Now while she's drying I'm going to head upstairs and empty out the soon-to-be yellow dresser drawers that are housing all of MY clothes and bring them downstairs to start on them.  Maybe this will be the kick in the butt to go buy my bedroom furniture.  Maybe.


  1. I'm jealous...I want a Bombay dresser too...don't know where I will put it, but I have always loved them...

  2. I have always wanted one too. I love the curved lines and how interesting they look. I got this one for $50. Such a steal. That crazy old lady that sold it to me had NO IDEA how much it was worth. :)


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