Thursday, October 27, 2011

Argh! Argh! Argh!

Ok readers.  We are about to get butch.  Very butch.  Like crack open a brewsky.  Scratch your balls.  Smelly armpits butch.  Just call me Kristi "The Toolwoman" Armstrong.  Ha- get it?  The Home Improvement reference.  Argh! Argh! Argh!

Today I finally snapped.  My garage has been just dis-gust-ing.  Shit everywhere.  Dirt everywhere.  Spray paint dust everywhere.  Living and dead spiders everywhere.  I couldn't take it any longer.  I had a pile with a broom, weed whacker, rake, shop vac, shovel, etc. that were all tangled and falling over. I had water hose (haha I said hose) all over the place.  Tools and boxes and bags full of garage thingies just piled on top of each other.  There were still pieces of drywall and bricks and insulation spread out on the other side of the garage from when the workers destroyed the inside of the garage. So like I said- shit everywhere.

Not only was there shit everywhere.  That shit was covered in about an inch thick of different color spray paint dust.  So not only did everything need a good cleaning but it needed some serious organization.  I had purchased a bunch of Gladiator (that's for all you guys out there!) tracks and brackets a while back from Lowe's.  It, too, had spray paint dust all over it.  Lovely.  Well I decided it was about time to get this stuff taken care of.

I couldn't even stand to take a before picture because it really was THAT BAD.  I'm ashamed.  I first had to sweep up all of the dirt and dust on the floor which literally took me over an hour.  It was filthy.  Then once that was done I moved everything from one side of the garage to the other side and started hanging the tracks.

I put three of them up on this wall and started hanging the different hooks that I had already gotten.  There is still a little bit of a mess even in this picture AFTER I took most of the crap to the other side of the garage.  Here's what it's looking like now.  Sooooooo much better.

You can see how girly I am though even though I say I went all manly in the garage.  No guy would ever allow their garage floor to be spray painted like mine is.  HAHA.  I also plan on painting the garage (probably next summer) so that mud and tape and ugly dry wall color will go away.  And it will be all pretty.  Yay!

Oh do you see the pinkish chair?  At some point I am going to re-fabric it and stain the legs a bit darker and bring it into the house.  Funny story with this chair.  This guy was just leaving it outside of his storage container.  Miss Wendy and I were at my container and the crazy property manage started yelling at him to stop leaving furniture outside of his unit for the trash.  He said it was free if anyone wanted it.  Wendy saw my wheels turning and eyes going all googly.  She asked if she should go over and grab it from him and of course I said- Hell yes!  It's wicked comfortable and has nothing wrong with it aside from that horrible flesh colored fabric.  I originally was going to re-do it in a white crocodile fabric when I had the original image of my front spare room.  But that room drastically changed and now has tons of color in there plus the new teal chair I just finished.  So I'm now thinking future desk chair???

Now I just need to work on the other side.  Ugh.  I have already started though.  I built one shelf and got all of the original lights in the house on those as well as some tools, cushions, party supplies, etc.  I have another shelf that still needs to be built and I can then get more stuff up off the ground.

Do you see that?  You know.  THAT?  That frickin wall that is STILL NOT PUT BACK TOGETHER!!!!  So pissed.  This has been two months now worth of getting the run around.  I'm over it.  But I digress.  That yellow/green chaise lounge is going upstairs in the TV room and will eventually be re-fabriced to go with the navy theme.  I picked that up for like $50 on clearance at a furniture store here because it had a tiny spot on the fabric.  Score!  Now it just needs to be vacuumed off and cleaned up a little bit before I allow it into the house.  All of those green bins have brick in them as well as a pile under all of that plastic.  That will eventually be turned into some sort of landscaping project.

So after 3 hours of working on the garage today- that's what it looks like now.  Definitely progress.  I see the light.  Hoping to have it finished (to the best of my ability) at the end of the weekend.  Once I finish the garage I have 72 bulbs to plant on Sunday.  Anyone want a free lunch?  You dig and I will feed you!!!  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

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