Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Projects! Are You As Excited As I Am??

Do you think that you shouldn't ever get a day off of work because when you do you just spend money?  Welcome to my world today. 

I haven't done a furniture project in a LONG time. And apparently my fingers were just itching for something to do!  Bwahhh hahaha.  While sitting on my couch this afternoon I got onto that list by Craig to see if there were any dressers that I could turn into a TV stand.  My TV upstairs in the game room has been residing on el flooro for the past two years and to be honest- it's starting to look a lil bit ghetto.  The thing is that with the book cases already up and in place with everything on them- I am limited to the space in between them.  That space is 46 inches.

Do you want to know how sad this little TV is?  This photo was taken the second week in my house.  More than two years ago.  That is why there are no books or end tables yet.  And see where the TV is?  That's where she's been this entire time.  But I just couldn't fathom spending money on something just to have something there because it would be a waste of money and I wouldn't be happy with it.  So I've looked and looked and haven't been able to find anything.  I realized that if I broadened my search from something that didn't fit into the space I could bring the TV stand that is downstairs up to that space and then I could find something much larger and ornate for downstairs.  The one down there now is just a plain dark wood entertainment stand- nothing fancy.

But lo and behold today while I was on that list by Craig, I saw my local consignment store posted some pictures again (that's how I found my yellow dresser and mirror from the upstairs spare room).  So I jumped into the car and headed over.  The dresser I saw online just didn't do it for me so I kept looking around.  Well ladies and gentlemen.  I found it.  And it also fits into the 46 inch space so I won't have to take every book off of the shelves to move the bookcases.  The price tag was $225 but this place starts discounting everything after 30 days.  The sticker was marked 7/13 which meant that it has been for sale for longer than 90 days which meant that it was 25% off.  So I scored it for $169.  It comes with one of those detachable harp mirrors (which I might find something to do with tag sale but the piece alone is worth way more than $169.  Here she is!!!!

You can see the mirror behind it.  So this room upstairs is a light green with browns and blue accents.  What color do you think I should go for???  Something wild and crazy or something to match the furniture already in there??  Decisions decisions. 

But the story isn't over.  While I was waiting for them to get the dresser to the counter I found a chair for $60 but again, it had been there for more than 90 days so it too was 25% off.  For all you non-math smarties that brought it down to $45.  Score!!  This baby is going upstairs in the front spare room and getting reupholstered in the new fabric that I bought a couple of weeks ago when I redid the inside of the bombe dresser.  I don't believe I shared that fabric with you yet so it'll be a surprise. 

Not a single thing is wrong with it except for that god awful gold velvet fabric.  The caning is still intact and it's not a bit wobbly.  Pretty cool how they attached the back cushion right?  By putting the buttons on the outside of the chair.  We will have to see if I can recreate that. I already need to figure out how to get the bottom fabric off.  I couldn't tell if it was just screwed into the seat of the chair or not because there was a black fabric attached underneath of the chair.  I tried prying a corner of it off in the store but looked up and saw a video camera..... so I stopped that.  But I'm sure it won't be too difficult getting it off says the eternal optimist.  Now since this is going into the gray room with the yellow furniture I'm wondering on paint colors as well.  The fabric is gray and white.  So do I go the obvious route and paint the chair white?  Or do I stick with the bold yellow?  Or would that be too much sunshine in that small room?  Maybe a teal??  or gray?  Who knows.  I guess I will just have to wait and see when I get to the paint store what tickles my fancy.  What do you think?

Now I just need to figure out how to reupholster and all will be well in the world of Kristi.

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